“Motherland” Is the Theme of Rome’s International Photography Festival – from Sept.23

“Motherland” Is the Theme of Rome’s International Photography Festival – from Sept.23

Rome’s International Fotografia Festival reaches its 10th edition this year with a project that confirms the event’s growing national and international prestige and its ever more concrete attention to original productions and strong initiatives. Its overall purpose is to promote contemporary photography in its different forms and languages, and to support talents emerging at national and international levels.

The theme of the Festival’s 10th edition is Motherland, a word that should stimulate an analysis of the relationship between land and identity, between territory and values, between roots and the complexity of contemporary life, with a special focus on Italy, which this year is celebrating its first century and a half of unity.

In this way, the Festival will address the special relationship between photography and territory (in the deepest sense of the word), based on an analysis of the strong ties between the artists and the places to which they feel they belong, and in many cases identification itself. Each one replies in his or her own way. They investigate lands they belong to – old or brand new, large or small, real or virtual – with absolutely personal documentation, fruit of their own lives and of their need to return or depart. “Motherland” is a frequent theme in photography, and today we’re treating it in relation to the creation of ever new identities in a world that’s been thoroughly explored and technologized, but where the need to investigate new “lands,” to seek one’s own land, is back in strength.

The Festival will run from September 23 until October 23 in different locations throughout Rome. Here are some of the major showings.

At Macro Testaccio (to be distinguished from Macro) you can see Alec Soth‘s pictures of Rome. The American photographer is universally recognized as one of the leading figures of the on-the-road photography school of Walker Evans, Robert Frank and Stephen Shore.

This venue will also host the IILA Award for young Latin American photographers, a Japanese focus on the sound of water with images by Rinko Kawauchi, Lieko Shiga, Asako Narahashi, Yumiku Utsu and Mayumi Hosokura, the “New Dutch Storytellers” showing and eight one-person exhibits of Italian photographers.

At 10b Photography, our favorite private photo gallery in Rome, Yuri Kozyrev will display his “On Revolution Road” pictures about the recent Arab spring from Sept.27.

From Sept.28 Edieuropa, one of the very few private galleries of Rome able to set up very original and comprehensive (and free) art exhibits, will host a photo exhibit on A Namibian Community in Transition:Wlotzkasbaken.

Japan Foundation proposes an interesting photo exhibit on the country’s most beautiful gardens until October 1 and “Meta-morphosis”images about post-war Japan from October 20.

The French Academy at Villa Medici will open the show on the evening of Sept.22 with an exhibit by the revolutionay French photographer Eric Poitevin.

The American Academy will instead focus on portraits by Milton Gendel from Oct. 19. An exhibit devoted to Gendel will start on Oct.5 at Museo Carlo Bilotti.

There will also be readings and conversation with major figures of the international photography scene about the contemporay dimension of this form of art and their works and projects. “Core Curriculum” with Tod Papageorge on Sept.24 at 5pm, “Photo Book” with Leonie Hampton, Sebastian Hau, Alec Soth, Francesco Zanot on Sept. 23 at 7pm and “Japan Talks” same day at 6pm with Ferdinand Brueggemann, Rinko Kawauchi, Asako Narahashi.