Rome’s Fiction Festival Hosts World Premieres & Masterclasses By Top Intl Producers & Talents

Looking forward to the Cinema Festival, Rome hosts in the last six days of September the fifth edition of her Fiction Fair, Roma FictionFest.

Moved from July to September 25 and with a lower budget, nonetheless the 2011 Fiction Festival has a very rich and varied programme with lots of international stars, world premieres and interesting masterclasses.

All the events are free and open to the public, you just need to collect your free ticket at the counter but can’t have more than 2 for each event. Non Italian screenings – the ones this story will focus on – will be in original version with subtitles in Italian (simultaneous translation for masterclasses).


The main location will be the Auditorium Parco della Musica, but some showing will take place at Auditorium Conciliazione and Casa del Cinema.


The first day will see a short film about Jim Belushi, “According to Jim”, and a masterclass by the American actor. From 4:30pm.


On the 26th, there will be a special event with Misfits, one of the most acclaimed British TV series, now in its third season. Iwan Rheon will attend. At 3:30pm

At 8pm the world premiere of Once Upon a Time, an ABC production.

Followed by another world premiere and ABC production: Revenge.

At 10:30pm the 21st and 22nd episodes of the tenth season of Smallville will be shown.

At 8:30pm, in another hall of Auditorium Parco della Musica, there is an Australian world premiere: Offspring.

Followed by a South African production at 10:30pm: 4play: Sex Tips for Girls.


On Tuesday, the Festival will feature a masterclass on the adaptation of European TV products for the US market. Speakers: Ashley Pharoah (authour of Life on Mars) and Toby whithouse (author of “Being Human”). At 4:30pm the worldpremiere of The Killing, a Fox production. Another Australian series will make its debut in Rome at 8:30 pm: The Slap.


The third day of the Festival, the 28th, will start pretty early at 11am with an industry masterclass on the Internationalization of the TV Fiction Bussiness with Ben Donald – BBC‘s Executive Producer, and many other international guests.

At 3pm masterclass with Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews on their production for ABC Disney, Missing.

At 6:30 pm the first two episodes of the British drama Case Histories will bring you to Edinburgh.

At 8pm sony Pictures will present the new adventures of the Charlie’s Angels in Miami Beach, followed by three other Sony Pictures productions: Pan Am, Necessary Roughness and Unforgettable. All world premieres.

At 10:30pm, one of the most waited for screenings will begin: United by the BBC. The director James Strong and the scriptwriter Chris Chibnall will attend.


On the 29th, at 3pm Tom Fontana will hold a masterclass on Borgia, one of the most controversial TV series of the year.

After that, you can’t miss the 9th and 10th episodes of Borgia. From 4:30pm.

The UK production Episodes will unveal for the first time the first two episodes at 6pm. While at around 7pm, Combat Hospital‘s first episode, another world premiere, will be screened. It is set in Afghanistan.


But there are also dramas in other languges or from non-English speaking countries.

From China, on September 26, you can see the world premiere of Sword Heroes’ Fate at 7pm.

In Portuguese, you can enjoy the world premiere of the first two episodes of Misterios de Lisboa. Sept.27 at 8:30pm. Always on Tuesday, at around 6pm, the Fiction Fair will host the Danish production Forbrydelsen.

On September 28, L’Infiltré, from France, will make its debut on the screen at 5pm. Spanish speakers will welcome the world premiere of the first episode of Vestir Para Santos, an Argentinean production, at 8:30 pm followed by the Israeli Hatufi. The world premiere of the first episode will be attended by the director Gideon Raff.


All the screenings and the events listed here will take place at Auditorium Parco della Musica (but double check for the right hall).