Intl Storytelling Fest Brings To Rome Traditional Stories, Greek Myths & Much More from Sept29






An enthralling voice, a vivid fantasy. This is a story. You don’t need a set or special effects to imagine a different world and evoke. Storytelling is the art of passing on oral traditions and stories and at the same time theatre avanguarde.


The third International Storytelling Fest of Rome will start on September 29 and for four days will make you dream with the powerful plots of tradition, myth, fable and legends. Each storyteller will create a bridge of images between his/her own culture and the audience, making of each story a special gift.


It will be located in the Appia Antica Park, one of the most beautiful archeological areas of Rome, teeming with ancient Romans ruins and relics.




A great choice of events will be available during the Festival: storytelling performances either for adults and children, Open Floors (where everyone is welcome to tell a story!), Archeology sightseeing storytelling and workshops where you can learn how to remember and tell.


Many of the events will be in English as the Festvial will feature 5 British, 2 Canadian, 1 Norwegian, 1 Swedish, 1 Portuguese and 2 Greek storytellers who will play in English (with simultaneous translation in Italian). And the same holds for the workshops.


Among the key events the performance of the Greek Mythos group who will brush up Homer‘s endless repertoire on Oct. 1 at 5pm or Graham Langley‘s Rags and Bines, Hags and Crones story on Sept. 29 at 8pm.


Among the workshops, Michael Harvey‘s Body-mind-story workshop will help you become a smarter and more creative storyteller on Sunday at 11am, while Heidi Dahlsveen will unveil the secrets of the reservoire and repertoire of a storyteller on Saturday at 11am.


If you wish to experience the great pleasure of sharing your culture, language and stories you can’t miss this event.