Rome’s Banks Open Up Their Historical Palaces For Free On Saturday October 1st!

Rome’s Banks Open Up Their Historical Palaces For Free On Saturday October 1st!

roma_palazzo_de_carolis_01.jpgEight beautiful buildings that you can only admire from outside while strolling around Rome.

Eight headquarters of Italian banks in Rome full of artworks.

Eight places that you can visit for free this Saturday from 9am to 7pm for Palazzi Aperti, the event that for 10 years has been showing the treasures of the country’s banks to travellers and curious people.


We saw a couple of them last year and were really impressed. If you are free this Saturday, don’t miss the opportunity to discover this secluded and fascinating world.


Probably the top one is Palazzo Rondinini. Why? ’cause we went there and know it’s beautiful, ’cause it is very easy to find, being on Via del Corso, and then because they have English-language guided tours!


After seeing this 18th century building now partly used as an exclusive hunting club, the perfect match would be the modernist palace hosting the BNL in via Veneto, another very central location. There we saw lots of contemporary and modern art and they also offered us a very good free buffet!


What about the others? Three headquarters are actually in the same palace, also very central, Palazzo Altieri which will be extraordinarily open until 10pm.


What we would actually love to see the most is Unicredit‘s place, a beautiful example of Baroque art with polychrome marbles.


A poetry performance will please visitors of the Dexia Crediop offices in Rome, but hurry up because booking is required here and there are only a few spots available as of Thursday morning.


The last one, Banca di Sassari’s is already fully booked. If you want, you can try to sneak in, but since this is a one-off event organized by a private I don’t think they’ll let you see it.


Dexia Crediop and Banca di Sassari are the only banks where tours are organised through booking. For all the others just show up and wait, there is a little queue to make, but it’s really worth!