Rome’s Vintage, Organic Food & Antiques Markets Are All Back! A Review of the Best Ones

Rome’s Vintage, Organic Food & Antiques Markets Are All Back! A Review of the Best Ones

Autumn has slowly but clearly arrived in Rome and so have the stalls of the Saturday and Sunday flea markets that dot the city when the heat is not unbearable.


We can’t list them all. They’re too many. Some of them are really out of the way unless you have a car and know Rome as the palm of your hand. Some sell very exotic stuff that may not be particularly interesting for our readers. Therefore don’t feel offended if your market is not part of this selection!


We divided Rome’s week-end markets into three categories, to help you choose the right one for your tastes and wallet 🙂


We know many of you love Italy and Rome for our food. So let’s start with the organic food and the farmer’s markets (for the standard food any city market Monday-to-Saturday is fine).

The #1 is without any doubt Campagna Amica’s farmer’s market in Via San Teodoro 74. Very central, it takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 7pm with 2-3 dozens stands of producers from all over Lazio. Prices are not low, but quality is very high. You can find there all sorts of vegetables, fruit, jams, spreads, cheeses, meat, milk, bread, cold cuts and takeaway pizza.

A very similar one is held in Testaccio every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm in Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4.

Campagna Amica also has another farmer’s market in Northern Rome at the Auditorium, usually every other week. Check here to see when it is actually open under the heading “Prossime aperture”.

Pretty close to the San Paolo stop of the line B of the underground, every third Saturday of the month the association Terraterra holds an organic market with products coming not only from Lazio but also from other Italian regions. Via Valeriano 3f.


Vintage markets. Besides the via Sannio market, open Monday-Saturday from 7:30am to 2 pm, here are some of the most interesting places to find stuff from the 1960s or so.

The Pigneto burrough hosts two markets for this kind of products. One takes place every fourth Sunday of the month from 9am to sunset in Via del Pigneto, a pedestrian only area, where you can find 40 stands any sort of objects, clothes, books, comics, jewels etc….

The other one (smaller) is at Necci, one of the city’s most famous bars, from 7pm on Sundays. Perfect if you want to see more than one market on the same day!

In the very heart of Rome you also have a couple of interesting vintage markets: Collezionando, in piazza Augusto Imperatore, every other Sunday from 9am to sunset, and the Borghetto Garage Sale: more than 200 stands, but there is an admission ticket to pay (1,60€), every Sunday.


For those of you who are looking for antiques here are a few tips. The fourth Sunday of the month in Piazza Verdi from 9am to 8pm you have more than 150 stalls selling all sorts of ancient stuff and furniture. Also on the foruth Sunday of the month there is another antiques market in Campo de’ Fiori (90 stands).

Next to the Ostiense train station, and very close to the Piramide underground stop – Line B – every Saturday and Sunday you have the “Soffitta in Garage” event from 9am to 7pm.

Finally, Rome’s most famous flea market, Porta Portese also has an interesting section of antiques stalls. From 6:30am to 2 pm every Sunday. Watch out for your wallet, there are many pickpocketers around!