Tasting Chestnuts Around Rome: Not Only Tuscia, But All Over Lazio!

Tasting Chestnuts Around Rome: Not Only Tuscia, But All Over Lazio!

Although Autumn has shorter days, it boasts of great tasting products! Around Rome, this is the perfect season for two of our favorite delicacies: ceps and chestnuts. We already wrote about this kind of mushroom (http://www.buzzinrome.com/?p=3156 ), and now it is the brown fruit’s turn!

Late October and November are the best times of the year to try chestnuts as they have a better taste than in late September/early October.


Let’s start from the Tuscia area, i.e. Around viterbo, north of Rome, which is the cradle of some of the best Italian chestnuts. Chestnuts Fairs will be held this weekend and the next in Canepina, Caprarola, Carbognano, Latera, S. Martino al Cimino and Vallerano. These villages can be reached by regional buses departing from the Saxa Rubra railway stop (Rome-Viterbo line), on Saturdays and working days only. There are many activites and events organized for the occasion and, if you want some beautiful art with your chestnut Caprarola is the perfect destination considered its beautiful Farnese Palace with gardens. Detailed programs of each chestnut fair and links here.


Another key chestnut fair is held only this week-end in Rocca di Papa, south of Rome, in the Castelli area. The 32nd edition of this event will feature guided tours, street artists, music, theatre and, on Sunday morning, also a marathon in the chestnuts hills!


An even older chestnut fair (54th edition!) is being held this week-end in Segni, south of Rome.


If you want to breathe sea air while tasting your castagne, then Fregene with its chestnut fair and the flea market is a good place to hit next Sunday, October 30.


In November you have a chestnut fair in Terelle, near Frosinone, accompanied by great sheep dishes on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6.


Near Rieti, in Paganico Sabino there is a chestnut event, the Castagnata Paganichese, on Sunday the 6th, with sausage and wine.  


The following weekend, on November 12 and 13, in Canterano, near Rome, you can taste your chestnuts with a unique parade by people with horns and grilled meat!


Have fun and don’t eat too much!


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