Rome’s Long 2011 Halloween Week-End: Parties, Dinners and Events for Kids

Rome’s Long 2011 Halloween Week-End: Parties, Dinners and Events for Kids

If you are in Rome for Halloween you’re going to be very lucky this year. Since our November 1st national holiday comes on Tuesday, from Friday night to Tuesday there will be a long series of Halloween parties and events, private and public.

We heard that here in Rome the Halloween party-goers are already organizing/attending at least two big events for the occasion. A private party, usually on Saturday, October 29, and then the real one on the night of the 31st.

Well, we can’t obviously reveal the details of private parties, but we will provide you all the key information on 18 different public events. Is that enough as a choice? 🙂


Let’s start from the food events and dinners. Domus Talenti, in via Quattro Fontane 113, has organized a special Murder Mistery Dinner for Halloween with a menu featuring many pumpkin-based dishes.

Another Halloween-themed dinner is at the restaurant Il Primo al 2, starring the Addams family. The Addams Family Murder dinner will also take place in a restaurant located in the opposite part of town at RistoranteadArte.


If you want to celebrate Halloween around a swimming pool the event (dinner + party) organized at Sporting Club Parco de Medici is a must for you.


A 100% rock music party will be held at 2 Many Nights from 11pm.

Indie and wave vibes will play at Circolo degli Illuminati.                                                                                                            

Electric music will shake your ass at Akab, in the lively Testaccio area.

Metal and trash music will delight your ears at Circolo degli Artisti from 9:30

A 1950s revival party will take place at Fonclea, one of Rome’s best places for live music.


Costumes, decorations, post-cards, games. legends and horror tales will entertain you at Arriba Arriba, near the Capannelle racetrack.

Lighters and candles will decorate CSIA Villaggio globale‘s Halloween Dancehall party from 11pm.

A queer party will unfold at Lanificio 159.

The JailbreakLive Club will devote the night to cartoons.

While at the Blackout Rock Club you can find make-up, wigs, sweets and fritters.


If you want to start partying earlier, ie on October 30th, Micca Club has prepared something for you: the 2000 Maniacs Halloween event, followed by another one on the 31st (both from 10:30pm).                                                                                


Finally something for kids. Rainbow MagicLand, the new theme park recently inaugurated near Rome (read story here) will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 6pm and on the 31st until midnight to celebrate Halloween with witches, vampires, shows, dances and parades of carts full of zombies.

The Zoology museum of Rome has set up two events: Museum Shivers on Saturday and Sunday, and a Horror Museum on the 29th and the 30th.

Explora, Rome’s kids Museum, will explore the world of prehistoric animals.


Have Fun!