Ceramics in Rome: Exhibits and Shops To Admire and Buy the Best Pottery In Town

Ceramics in Rome: Exhibits and Shops To Admire and Buy the Best Pottery In Town

Rome has never been a major centre of ceramic production but being the city it is, there are many beautiful pieces of pottery in town both in public and private spaces.


First we would like to suggest you a few ceramic events and then some shops where you can actually buy beautiful artifacts.


At the moment there are four locations where you can admire exemplary pieces of pottery. The first is in Villa Torlonia which is hosting two different ceramic exhibits. The first is by Giò Ponti, one of the country’s top designers of the the 20th century: on display until February 19 you can see his creations for Richard Ginori between 1923 and 1930. The second one is actually an experiment of electroacoustic art with contemporay pieces by many different artists – through November 20.


Contemporary Japanese pottery is on display at Mercati di Traiano until October 30. Don’t miss this exhibit if you like Japanese art. There are hundred of works on show, a unique event for Rome.


A free ceramic showing is at Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi, a little museum, very close to Via Veneto devoted to fashion and design. Until November 6 you can see the black and white works by two Italian artists Enrica Montessori, who actually made them, and Riccardo Monachesi, who decorated them in a vaguely surrealist style.


Ceramic sculptures by one of the top contemporary Italian artists of the sector, Giacinto Cerone, who has also recently exhibited his works at Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, is on show at Galleria Marchetti from November 3 to December 3.


And what if you want to buy some special pieces of pottery in Rome? Here are some tips about the best shops in Rome.

One of our favorite shops is Banchi141, in via dei Banchi Vecchi, with artifacts from Grottaglie in Puglia. Half of the stuff on the shelves are unique pieces, all are handmade.


Not far from it you have Picta, a workshop and a shop run by Marina Graziani in via dei Cappellari 11 (Monday to Saturday 10am-7:30pm). You can customize your artifact the way you want: material, cooking technique, shape, decoration, painting, colors etc….


A no-profit cooperative produces the finest china bone artifacts in Rome. Not only ceramics but also porcelain and its name is La Stelletta.


Raku ceramic is produced and sold by Centro Raku Roma. Watches, pendules and decorative objects on sale.



Angela Torcivia, a true ceramic artisan, showcases her latest colorful creations, from large pieces to small plant pots, in her shop in Via degli Ausoni 13. Only in the afternoon, from 4 to 8pm. Monday to Saturday.



Finally some ceramic toys. Mondo Pop Gallery sells Design Toyz, limited edition.