Wanna Learn the Secrets of Italian Cuisine in Rome? Schools & Classes For a Cooking Holiday!

Wanna Learn the Secrets of Italian Cuisine in Rome? Schools & Classes For a Cooking Holiday!

Passive or active? You just like eating the delicious food of Roman restaurants or want to challenge yourself and prepare one?

Do you know what’s the best thing you can bring home from a holiday in Rome? The art of cooking some Italian dishes! Way better than any other souvenir, for yourself and your beloved ones 🙂

So, why don’t you take advantage of a holiday in Rome to learn something with regards to pasta, pizza, lasagna and so on?

Rome has many options of cooking classes, courses, holidays, schools, lessons in English. From a few hours to a full week, let’s have a look to some of the best ones.


We can’t but start with the most fashionable chef of the moment in Rome, among those who give cooking classes. Bonci has a shop and a workshop in the Monti burrough, Tricolore, where he holds many courses. If you want to improve your amatriciana, carbonara and cacio e pepe skills, you have to try le “Classiche Romane,” class with Lorenzo Leonetti who speaks a good English. A must for Roman cuisine lovers! Or you can try Eva Baker’s on Cake Decorating, also held in English.

Cooking classes in Rome by Andrea Consoli also has an excellent reputation. This chef specifically organizes Italian cuisine courses for international travellers. His hands-on lessons in a real restaurant (obviously closed during the class), Le Fate, will defintely put you to work and if you don’t like taking notes you will get an email afterwords with all the details of the 4 recipes you prepared during the course.

Italy Hotline‘s 5-hour walking course takes you first to several gourmet food shops to buy the freshest ingredients and then to their chef’s kitchen to prepare a traditional four-course meal. Weather permitting, the lunch will be on a private terrace!

Nancy Aiello is one of the biggest tour operators in Rome and has a wide range of cooking courses in Rome. The half-day lesson is a very entertaining and enjoyable experience. The two Italian cooks love to share what they know about food and local tips on where to buy fresh food and wine in Rome. You prepare a traditional menu based on seasonal paired with fine Italian wines. And in case you forgot to bring yours from home you are also provided a chef’s jacket!

Another institution of the English speaking Rome’s culinary scene is Diane Seed who has been living in the Eternal city for more than 30 years. Author of two very succesful books on Italian cuisine, she has many small-group 2 or 3-day courses that will offer you a very intense full immersion into the secrets of preparing the perfect Italian meal.

Flavors of Rome offers avery variedarray of cooking learning opportunities: from an afternoon pizza-making lesson to a week-long course on Roman vegetarian dishes or seasonal fare. Carol Coviello Malzone asks about your intentions and then sets up a tailored culinary experience with Roman cookbook authors, chefs, noted home cooks and culinary experts.

Maureen Fant offers one to six people gastronomic adventures in her flat. The lesson starts in Testaccio’s markets and food shops and has no set menu. It pretty much depends on season’s products and on the students’ fantasy.      

Also Daniela del Balzo brings her cooking group to Testaccio first and then back home to learn the secrets of Roman and Southern Italian cuisine. A 4-hour attendance will yield a diploma from Daniela’s Cooking School.                     

Fabiolous cooking‘s classes start with food shopping in a market and some local shops. You then go to Fabio Bongianni’s lovely apartment to cook 5 Roman courses, including pastas. Fabio not only is a renowned chef but he is also a very interesting and knowledgable person. After the lesson you sit around the table to eat everything you cooked, accompanied by good wine.
This school also offers other locations, a couple are out of Rome. In Mazzano, a 45 minute drive outside of Rome, where Bongianni has his countryside house, Monica is the teacher, helped by two other chefs. After some food shopping you go to Fabio’s apartment for cooking. The atmosphere is very warm and all have a great sense of humor. Here too you cook 5 Roman courses, similar to the class in Rome.

With regards to cooking courses in the Roman countryside there also another good options.

One is Convivio Rome in Toffia, in the Sabina area, famous for its olive oil, where you can also have a taste of living in authentic Italy and a chance to stay in a little village and watch daily life go by. The school has one-day, long-weekend and 6-day long Italian cooking holidays, mixing cooking and sightseeing and promoting local people and produces. 

And the other one is Fontana del Papa, in Tolfa, 80 kms north-west of Rome. In this family countryside home you have culinary courses that feature in the top 10 list of Italian cookery schools of the National Geographic’s book “food Journey of a Lifetime.”