Contemporary Art in Rome: a Wrap-Up of the Commercial Galleries’ Best Exhibits

Contemporary Art in Rome: a Wrap-Up of the Commercial Galleries’ Best Exhibits

The opening of MAXXI and the consolidation of MACRO have boosted the contemporary art scene positively affecting also local commercial galleries and enticing international gallerists to set up a space in Rome.


Therefore it has now become essential a wrap-up of the best exhibits hosted by private galleries in Rome to give you an idea of what’s going on in town. We tried to select a few for the originality of their showings but contemporary art in particular is very subjective, therefore we invite you to go beyond our recommendations and explore Rome’s commercial art spaces.


The streets with the highest concentration of commercial galleries are Via dei Banchi Vecchi, Via dei Banchi Nuovi, Via del Governo Vecchio, Via Margutta, Via Giulia, Via Monserrato, Via Palermo, Via del Portico d’Ottavia, Via Reggio Emilia, Via Urbana.


The first exposition we want to recommend you is “Fratelli d’Italia”, which is the name of the Italian national anthem. It is linked to the celebration of 150 years of Italian unification and it is hosted by one of the best galleries in Rome, Galleria Maniero. A huge Italy map with 20 different region-shaped artworks by young Italian talents will greet you at the entrance, followed by other small works by the same artists. Until December 10.


The cultural and political movement that set about a unified Italian state, Risorgimento, is the main subject by a young roman artist, Bato, hosted in the Rome’s Province building. The women that made it possible are on show in “Geografia del Risorgimento” until November 30.


A big, big name of Italian contemporary art, Giorgio De Chirico is on show at Studio S gallery until December 7. Graphic works, watercolours and paintings.


Changing completely style and origin, Akka gallery proposes a reinterpretation of African masks by Eloi Lokossou. 18 works of these traditional gèlède artifacts made of contemporary objects.


And what about an exhibit of tapestries done by a 99 year old woman? Yes you can see that, too! Laura Marcucci, relative of master Duilio Cambellotti and worldwide famous painter Giacomo Balla, exhibits her works made with a very picturesque techinique that blends wool, cotton, silk and lurex. Until November 20 at Monserrato Arte 900 gallery.


Right next to this gallery there is an Italian 20th century abstract art showing with names as famous as Dorazio, Accardi, Sanfilippo, Turcato, Perilli, all belonging to the Roman school “Forma”. Spazio88, until December 10.


Vanni Saltarelli’s very peculiar paint works can be admired at 6° Senso Art Gallery. Female bodies surrounded by wind, smoke and blurred shapes are the key subjects of “Gusts of wind on stage,” the first solo show of the artist in Rome. On display through November 30.


For those of you who are looking for something specific, there is a guided walking tour service of private galleries organized by Rome Gallery Tours, that you can customize according to your requests. But if you simply want to see the best artworks on display in Rome’s commercial spapces you can join their collective tour: the next one is on November 18 at 5pm.