Celebrating Thanksgiving in Rome: Restaurants, Parties, DIY Meal and Mass Services!

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Rome: Restaurants, Parties, DIY Meal and Mass Services!

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Italy but in Rome there are several ways and places to celebrate since the resident US community is big here, as well as the numer of tourists from America.

Let’s start with the most typical celebration: the meal with turkey and pumpkin pie.

Vivi Bistrot, a nice cafe bar in Villa Pamphili, Rome’s biggest downtown park, has a Thanksgiving buffet dinner from 8:30pm with stuffed turkey, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and carrot cake. Here is the complete menu if you are interested. Booking required.

For something cheaper and more central, you can go to The Perfect Bun, an American-style restaurant. Buffet dinner. Booking required.

Still central, but very upscale, is the Thanksgiving dining event organized at Brunello, Regina Hotel Baglioni’s restaurant, right in front of the US embassy. Turkey and pumpkin pie feature in the menu.

A very American experience, in front of a cracking fireplace, is provided at the dinner organized by the American International Club of Rome. Restaurant Il Galletto, booking strictly required. 

If you want to clebrate in the very heart of Rome’s nightlife, Sloppy Sam, the bar in Campo dei Fiori, has set up a Thanksgiving dinner. Payment must be made by November 22.

Live music will cheer up your Thanksgiving dinner at Mama’s from 8pm with what they claim to be the best turkey in Rome 🙂

A double, actually a triple offer is available at L’Uliveto restaurant of the hotel Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria. Not only you have the buffet dinner but also the buffet lunch. Thirdly, you can choose the take-away option, booking at least 2 days in advance your 3-course meal.

And once you’re considering to celebrate Thanksgiving at home, you may also want to know how and where you could actually prepare your own meal.

Pre-order your whole turkey at the local butcher or supermarket, possibly a week before Thanksgiving since few Italians are used to buy the whole animal. Bear in mind how big is your oven before making the order!

Sweet potatoes also require some investigations and a few days notice, Latin American stalls in the Piazza Vittorio area or in the big city markets should have them. This is where you can also buy your squash.

If you can’t make your pumpkin puree for the pie, you can buy pumpkin cans at Castroni or Innocenzi food shops, where you will find the cranberry sauce, too (also available at Selli).

If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving with live music (from 10pm) and a football game (actually two: one at 7pm, the other at 10:15pm), the pub Abbey Theatre has a special offer with typical food, too.

For early and late partying, head for the Highlander Pub, which will celebrate Thanksgiving from 4pm, when they open, until very late in the night as they will be screening the 2:20am football game. The buffet dinner starts at 6pm.

A Thanksgiving snack with pumpkin and carrot cake accompanied by a spiced apple cocktail from 4pm to 8pm will be catered at Mikiway, a clothing, accessories and design shop.

Finally the most serious part of these celebrations: a Thaksgiving Mass Service will be held on November 27 at 11am at St Andrews Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

The church of Santa Susanna, the US catholic community’s church, has scheduled a Mass on the 24th at 10:30am, followed by coffee and Thanksgiving muffins.