A Map of Rome’s Top Wine Bars: Where To Drink & Buy The Best Wines in Town

A Map of Rome’s Top Wine Bars: Where To Drink & Buy The Best Wines in Town

Having a good glass of wine is not a luxury in Rome, but pretty much the standard. Our lack of pubs is compensated by a good number of wine bars all over the city. You don’t need to go to the center to find the right place. Italians enjoy having a chat with friends while drinking wine, therefore you have wine bars in every part of Rome.

We will of course provide you a good number of tips for downtown, but hope you will also consider other, more authentic, areas of the Eternal city in search of the perfect wine. Or maybe you simply stay in one of the neighbourhoods we will mention and you’ll realize that you can easily have an after dinner drink with a little walk.

Let’s go clockwise.




The northern part of the city has many expensive residential areas, therefore its wine bars tend to be upscale.

If you happen to go Ponte Milvio, a very alive zone at night, your informal gourmet winery (without seating), is Charlie Vini e Cucina.

Not far from Ponte Milvio, in the exclusive residential area of Vigna Clara you have a very high-end wine bar or enoteca with the most famous names and labels in Lucantoni.

In the poshest burrough of Rome (excluding the city center), Parioli, Bulzoni offers a very international and innovative list of wines.

In Nomentano, D’Orio, has a choice of wines on the tap, written on a chalkboard. Also good food on offer. Family-run.

The so-called Africano area (most of the streets have the names of our African battles, cities and colonies) is inhabited by students of the private university LUISS. You’ll meet many of them at Graziani. 30 wines by the glass. About 1000 on sale.




The eastern part of Rome is more down-to-earth than the North. Many students of the public university live there and the area teems with bars, clubs restaurants etc… often with cheap prices for non-working people.

In Tiburtino you have to experience at least once Pastificio Cerere, where you can savour your wine in a confortable armchair or browse the artworks of this contemporary art centre. (see our round up of the most interesting commercial contemporary art galleries here)

At the very heart of the university students area, Uve e Forme looks like a typical French bistrot.

Along the Prenestina, there is a place where the draft wines are Sauvignon and Merlot. It’s Vitis Vinifera.

In the trendy area of Pigneto, Dal Verme should be your first choice. They also have good beers and cocktails. Good program of live music.




The southern end of Rome is very wide and doesn’t really have a clear identity, since it is also composed by very different burroughs.

In the San Paolo area, Quattrochiacchiere is also an interesting wine shop and organizes theme dinners.

We are sure that you will end up in Testaccio sooner or later. In this area Palombi should be your wine (& beer) destination. Cold cuts and cheese to eat and some hot dishes.




The Western quarter of Rome is very wealthy and quiet. You’ll think it’s boring if you don’t know that many of the best eat & drink places of Rome are here!

Ombre e Cicheti has the best selection of wines from Veneto (one of the best wine-producing Italian regions) here in Rome, not far from the Vatican. Perfect to cheer you up after a full day of culture and religion! It is also a regional cuisine restaurant (for other Northern Italian restaurants in Rome, read here).

In the sleepy roads of Monteverde, your enoteca is Monteverde, a new venture with great service and also a good beer offer.

In Prati our tips are Del Frate, a 90-year old wine shop-bar, with a big choice and lots of French wines, too, and Passaguai, perfect for early drinkers since it opens at 10am! (for an overall review of places to see and activities to do in this area, check out this post)

In Trastevere we recommend you enoteca Ferrara, with very good and original Italian food, and Ombre Rosse, with 30 wines on tap, written on the chalkboard, home-brewed beers, agricultural rums and single malts. (For a selection of restaurants in Trastevere read here)




Casa Bleve, near the Valle theater, showcases its old wine bottles in the middle of ancient Roman relics.

Trimani, near the Termini station, is one of the best known names in town, wide range of wines, nearly all labels available. Oysters in the eating menu…

Next to the Parliament, Achilli, has a big choice of Italian and French wines, a very elegant decor and corresponding prices.

Rare and Tuscan wines can be bought or savoured near Via Veneto at Enoteca Bruni. For wine-maniacs!

Roscioli, one of the trendiest places in Rome, is also famous for its food, but their wines definitely deserve a visit. There is a little corner for wine degustation.

To escape the noise and the crowd of downtown’s nightlife there is a small, cozy wine bar with very high-end wines, Vinoteca 900.


 Drink responsibly!