Theatre in English for Kids in Rome: Plays, Story Telling and Courses Thru Spring 2012

Theatre in English for Kids in Rome: Plays, Story Telling and Courses Thru Spring 2012

Rome’s English-language theatre scene is very bustling but it is very hard to find info about shows, and the activities of companies and groups since it is a very underground world with no coordination and poor communication.

We were really lucky to discover that the theatre where we were going to see a comedy play (in Italian) was very active in story telling and theatre for kids in English.


We’re talking about Sala Umberto, in the very heart of Rome’s downtown.


They organize shows in English but also something in Spanish and French.


But let’s start with their storytelling project because they organize these events at your school!

Until December 2 Rapunzel, the long blog haired girl who leaves her tower to discover the world, will be on stage for kids aged 5-to-10. The play will be followed by a workshop.


On December 5-7 and on February 6-10, your school can see Big Ears and His Magic Bubbles stories. For kids aged 3-to-8. A workshop will follow the performance.


On March 19-20 On the Web: Charlotte and Wilbur’s terrific friendship. Kids aged 5-to-10. Workshop follows storytelling.


But if you can’t convince the class or the school, you can still go to Sala Umberto and see their English language plays on your own.

They start on December 13 with a classic for kids 6-to-13, “Alice, a fantastic adventure in Wonderland”, until December 16.

In January 2012 (from the 16th to the 20th) they propose the musical for kids 4-to-10 Magic Songs. March will feature the musicals Circus (on the 19th) for kids 5-to-10 and Robin Vs Sherif (on 20-22) for kids 8-to-11. In April they present The Wind in the Willow (on the 16th & 17th) for kids 6-to-10, and Deconstructing Shakespeare on April 18-20 for teenagers.


In Spanish they propose Sincola on March 5 for young Spanish speakers aged 5-to-11. While you can enjoy the musical Asterix Et Les Gaulois in French on March 23, for teenagers.


And what if your kids want to learn acting in English? You basically have two choices in Rome, as far as we know, Jazzitupkids, a theatre workshop in English for kids aged 3 to 14, in three different venues EUR, San Giovanni and Trastevere.

And Teatro Verde, Rome’s youth theatre, at 10 Circonvallazione Gianicolense, which organizes acting courses in English run by Rachel Roddy for kids aged 6 to 8 every Thursday from 5pm to 6:15pm, thorugh the end of April.

And then there is a third possibility, still in progress. In January the Sala Umberto organization could start a weekly theatre course on Saturdays divided in two sections: one for the 5-to-8 kids and it would be a 2-hour lesson, and another for the 9-to-12 kids with a 2 hour and 30 minute class. But the venue is to be confirmed. Otherwise they can also set up a course for your school to be held on working days. They are all run by the actress Sarah Simpson. Double-check out at the end of December at 3406772283 or at


If you are also interested in English language theatre plays for adults in Rome, read this story.