Rome Christmas Lights To Accompany You From Fiumicino Airport To All Over The City!

Rome Christmas Lights To Accompany You From Fiumicino Airport To All Over The City!

Rome’s lighting decorations are very ambitious and dramatic this Christmas season. The city government and the Airport management company have set up a common project that will enlighten the Fiumicino hub, Termini railway station, Rome’s historical and shopping sites and the EUR borough so that Romans and visitors alike will enjoy white and coloured leds, plays of light and projections onto jumbo screens anywhere in Rome with a single creative direction thanks to technological innovations and the new applications of Web 3.0 and of augmented reality.

The first event of “Roma si mette in luce” (Rome enlightens) was yesterday at Rome’s main airport, Fiumicino-Leonardo Da Vinci. The scenic Christmas welcome to passengers is a sustainable, energy saving creative lighting project whose most original features are two light Christmas trees, at Terminal 1 and 3, to celebrate respectively 150 years of Italian Unification and the 50th anniversary of the first Italian airport, light fireworks and fifty butterflies, each having a 2-meter wing span, that will illuminate Terminal 1 with 18,000 white leds. The butterflies weigh nearly 5 kilos, are made of aluminum and have 360 LED microlights, which will help making a 400% energy saving.

The airport will also host an exhibition of cribs from the Rome Nativity Museum collection. The cribs originate from around the world and are constructed with different materials and techniques. There is the one arriving from Tyrol, set in an Alpine hut, another one made of wood and rotating from Germany, one from Krakow, made ​​of aluminum foil that reproduces the facade of a Gothic cathedral, a Thai one featuring the three wise men dressed as samurai, as well as cribs from Tanzania and Peru. And last but not least, a crib with statues dressed in early 19th century Roman costumes.

Going back to the city’s overall extraordinary lighting project that will greet citizens and tourists arriving in the capital during the Christmas season with a special welcome, its next event will be tomorrow in Piazza Mignanelli at 8:30pm with Rome’s mayor Gianni Alemanno turning on the lights in some of the most famous streets of downtown Rome such as Via del Babuino, Via Frattina, Via dei Giubbonari and Via della Croce.

Roma si mette in luce” will have other “lighting up” events until December 8 when all the main streets and historic sites of the city (including EUR) will be illuminated by a show of white and colored leds, projections on wallscreens and light fireworks.