Restaurants Open in Rome for the Christmas Season on December 24, 25, 26, 31 & Jan. 1

Restaurants Open in Rome for the Christmas Season on December 24, 25, 26, 31 & Jan. 1

It’s one of the most common questions we are asked in this period. What’s open during the ‘critical’ days of the Christmas Holidays?

Travelers are worried not to find anything open on Christmas Eve and on December 25. But they often ignore that it is also hard to find something running on Boxing Day. They know for New Year’s Eve there are many eating places open but they have doubts about January 1st.


Here you have a selected list of places open on these dates. We tried to give as many choices as possibile in different areas of the city, because we know it is very difficilt to go around Rome on these days unless you have your own car/scooter. But this is not a complete list of all the good restaurants normally working in Rome during the Christmas holidays. There are many more, of course, but it is impossible to list them all!



DECEMBER 24 – Dinner

We suggest you to hit Napul’è (in Prati) if you like Neapolitan cuisine.

If your hotel is the posh area of Parioli, then innovative Metamorfosi is a good destination.

For those who prefer to remain in downtown, the view from Circus all’Hotel 47‘s terrace and their creative food are a valid option.

Still in the city centre there is Chinappi with its unique fish offer all year long.





For the lunch of Christmas day, we propose you near Piazza Navona Taverna Giulia and its Liguria cuisine, near Via Veneto Gaetano Costa with its modern and mediterranean creations.

Out of the city centre, you can try the Michelin-starred All’Oro in Parioli or Mezè in Monteverde if you’re after Mediterranean flavors more than Italian dishes.



In the Jewish Ghetto area you’ll find open la Taverna del Ghetto with its Roman & Jewish cuisine dishes.

Rinaldi al Quirinale is another traditional Italian food option, very centrally located.





Roman specialties can also be savoured at ar Montarozzo (in the Appia Antica area), but if you love to explore Trastevere‘s alleys La Botticella will be open for you.



Again for Neapolitan cuisine Ambasciata di Capri is the pefect choice in the Prati area

While in the totally different area of Esquilino we recommend you Le Caveau with its traditional Italian cuisine offer.



DECEMBER 31 – Dinner

There is a big, big choice for New Year’s Eve. We are sure you can find something you like walking around the city and booking a few days in advance. In case you can’t. Here is a short list of good options. Prices double or more for this special occasion.

In the typical area of Testaccio Molì and its fish specialties while in the equally peculiar borrough of Trastevere Glass Hostaria will be a nicely modern and International surprise. Very Roman is also Monti with L’Asino d’oro: perfect service and slightly renovated Italian dishes. Centrally located is, near the Pantheon is Clemente alla Maddalena, creative/fish.





For the first meal of 2012 we suggest you Il Giardino Pamphili (in the Aurelio/Monteverde area) and its typically Italian delicacies and Checco er Carrettiere with its Roman dishes in Trastevere.



For your first dinner of the new year, you can venture to the Portonaccio area, near Tiburtina, to try Pettirosso‘s pizza and grilled meat or stay in downtown and head for the Sardinian specialties of Perdingianu & Croccoriga.

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