Snow and Winter Loom Large on Rome’s Horizon. Good Hot Chocolates Urgently Needed!

Snow and Winter Loom Large on Rome’s Horizon. Good Hot Chocolates Urgently Needed!

With such a cold weather you may want to have stop during your visit of Rome for a warm beverage. And do you know anything better than a hot chocolate?

We don’t actually, and that’s why we want to share a few tips on the best chocolate drinks here in Rome. Not all of them are in downtown, but you know, every hour of the day is good for a hot chocolate!


One of the most famous chocolate shop, lab, bar & museum of Rome is Said in San Lorenzo, a very lively area for nightlife, mostly inhabited by university students.

Said used to be an old chocolate factory and their hot chocolate is excellent, not too sweet, with a medium density, pricey but big.


Another must is the Latteria in Vicolo del Gallo 4, near Campo de’ Fiori. This very informal and 1950s style place is an institution of the borough. Everyone knows it. They have old marble and wood tables, a big old style bar, a pinball in the middle of the place, and serve your big hot chocolate in old style cups.


In downtown you can also taste a great hot chocolate at Giolitti, one of Rome’s most known ice cream parlours. They have a very nice and elegant room to enojoy your drinks and they serve you the whipped cream in a separate glass.


Again, the center of Rome also offers you a top hot chocolate at Sant’Eustachio, a bar more known for its coffee than for other hot beverages. Here there are only tables outside, otherwise you’ll have to drink it standing. Perfect if you are in a hurry!


If you are in the Prati area, maybe for some Roman style shopping, Art Studio Cafè is the ideal destination for your hot chocolate. In this place they also hold many, many activities, it is not just a cafe.


Finally, Cristalli di Zucchero, one of Rome’s top pastry shops and bakeries. They also have an excellent hot chocolate. Monteverde area, ideal after an uphill walk of Trastevere and the Gianicolo hill 🙂



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