Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Italy: a Special Event in Pisa, Parties & Much More in Rome

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Italy: a Special Event in Pisa, Parties & Much More in Rome

If you happen to be in Italy for St. Patrick’s Day there are two cities where you should be or go: Rome and Pisa.



Let’s start with the unusual choice for this blog: the famous Tuscan city. Pisa will feature a very special even on March 17. It has been chosen by Tourism Ireland as one of the iconic international landmarks of the global greening initiative that will also involve the Niagara Falls, the London Eye, the Coit Tower of San Francisco and many other attractions all over the world. For St. Patrick’s Day, then, the leaning Tower will turn green!



And why Rome? Because here is the place where the first Irish pub opened up in Italy, it was 1976, 36 years ago. We are talking about the Fiddler’s Elbow which will celebrate St Patrick’s with a live Irish music concert by Trio Binario at 10pm but the pub will exceptionally open from 11am for the occasion.


The Druid’s Rock, another Irish pub in the same area, will also host an Irish music concert on the 17th. And the same holds for the sister-pub the Druid’s Den.


The Elliot Pub, in north-western Rome, will have a Guinness Party with lots of Guinness gadgets and beer.


Guinness on tap will be available for St. Patrick’s Day at zerosettantacinque, near the Circus Maximum.


The Init club will feature a live performance by the Rising Sun from 9:30pm.


The night before St. Patrick’s Day, Rising Love will celebrate with the Ginger Night. Behind the decks, the Redhead Connection.


Another Irish dance event will take place at Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi. It’s 21st edition of the Celtic Ball by the Irish Club of Rome.


But St. Patrick’s doesn’t only mean music and dance. It can also be something different such as a theatre play. On March 16 and 17 at 8pm the Pontifical Irish College presents Dracula, Dubliner Bram Stoker’s classic work.


And there is also a Mass on the 17th. The St Isidore’s Franciscan College will celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a religious cerimony in Gaelic at 10:30am in via degli Artisti 41.


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