Fashion District & Rainbow MagicLand are not enough for Valmontone: it’s got new ambitious projects….

Fashion District & Rainbow MagicLand are not enough for Valmontone: it’s got new ambitious projects….

Rainbow MagicLand, the recreation park of Valmontone, the biggest in the Rome area, re-opens today after the winter break and we thought it was a good occasion to review the latest and future developments of the tourism sector in this town which is more and more becoming an alternative travel destination to Rome. Alternative meaning different from the reasons that bring millions of people to the Eternal City every year: archaeology, arts and religion.


Valmontone has envisaged a more modern approach to contemporary, globalised tourism since 2003, when it started hosting the Fashion District, one of the first and biggest outlets in Italy, with 180 shops and more than 6 million visitors (2011 data). The amount of commercial activities nearly doubled from 2003 and last year’s sales rose a healthy 3% from 2010 despite the economic crisis and the weak Italian household spending.


In 2011 Valmontone inaugurated Rainbow MagicLand, the latest amusement park of Rome and surroundings (see story here). And after less than a year – it opened on May 26, 2011 – the owners are already planning to start two theme hotels inside the park. One should be ready in 2014 and the other the following year, for a total of 700 hotel rooms. Last year’s visitors were around 700,000 while for this year twice as many are expected to have a ride on one of Rainbow MagicLand’s attractions.


But Valmontone wants to go further and is not satisfied with these two big, growing employers and lifestyle/travel destinations. It is also planning to expand into the design realm, another alternative choice to the traditional attractions of Rome. By the end of next year it should feature which stands for “Design outlet Italiano” with 140 shops applying a 30% discount on all products. should host the best names of the Italian industry, such as Frau and Artemide, but it will also be open to international brands.


One more reason to go to Valmontone!



PS There is also another possible major development for Valmontone: that it will host the SS Lazio‘s stadium. The president of Rome’s most ancient soccer club (founded in 1900), Lotito, has been saying for years that the “Eagles” need to have their own stadium – the one they are playing in now in Rome is state-owned and can’t be managed in a very business-friendly way – and has seen in Valmontone the ideal location for this big sport facility.