Rome Turns 2765 on April 21, Here’s How We Celebrate the Eternal City’s Birthday!

Rome Turns 2765 on April 21, Here’s How We Celebrate the Eternal City’s Birthday!

Yes, Rome is very old but still in pretty good shape, notwithstanding the damages done by its unruly citizens, politicians and visitors!


On April 21 according to the legend/tradition, it turns 2765. But, of course, there is no scientific evidence that it was founded in 753BC, let alone on April 21.


Anyway, before the Liberation Day(April25)/Labour Day(May 1) very long weekend there is one more big occasion to celebrate and have fun in Rome.


The City council has organized a lot of events. Let’s see those who might be more enjoyable for non-Italian speakers.





Celebrations start on Friday, April 20, with the fire lighting ceremony and ancient dances at 3:30pm in Piazza del Campidoglio, the square symbolizing Rome’s power and history.





On Saturday at 10am at the ancient Roman military camp in Villa Celimontana which will host ceremonies, daily chores, fights and dances until midnight.  


At 12:15pm some traditional, ceremonial music will be followed by the free concert by Carabinieri band in Piazza del Campidoglio.  


The Circus Maximus will feature 3 events in the afternoon: at 3pm there will be a commemoration of the legendary trench digging by Romulus in the. At 4:30pm Army Band concert with polyphonic choir. At 6:30pm the rural ceremony of Parilia will be enacted.


From 3pm to 8pm military bands will please the crowds in the newly renovated Piazza San Silvestro, which has become a much quieter and better place.


Another free concert will take place in the Campidoglio square at 8pm by the Local Police band.


At 8:30pm at Palazzo della Cancelleria, the Compagnia Rinascimentale will hold a music/song/folk dance/jugglery/ancient arts Renaissance-style show with its 32 participants.


From 11pm to midnight a light and colors game will be held at the Trajan’s Markets.




On Sunday, April 22, from 9am to 5:30pm follow-up of the Roman camp in Circus Maximus.