Spanish Contemporary Art at Her Best in Rome with Two Major Exhibitions: Dalì & Mirò

Spanish Contemporary Art at Her Best in Rome with Two Major Exhibitions: Dalì & Mirò

Despite the bad weather spring is coming to an end and we have to hurry up to see the best exhibits of the 2011-12 season as most them finish by the start of Summer.

Another group of art exhibits we think you should consider is the Spanish Contemporary Art one. It is purely coincidental, there is no project behind it, but Rome is currently hosting two exhibitons by possibly the best Spanish contemporary artists: Dalì and Mirò.

One of the most imitated and appreciated contemporary artists, a true icon of the 20th century, Salvador Dalì is on show at Vittoriano through July 1. Paintings, unpublished photos, videos, letters, magazine covers, objects – such as the famous soft or melting clocks – and theatre costumes on loan from several Spanish museums and foundations, will give you a good grasp of his personality and lay out well his philosophy of “the realism of an imaginary world.” But being located in Rome, the exhibition focuses on his relationships with the Italian painting masters and the Eternal City in the 1950s.

Mirò’s exhibit, instead, draws the attention on the studio of the Catalan artist with the reproduction of the room, the paintbrushes, and other tools and instruments including his rocking chair. 50 Oils and another 30 watercolours, bronzes and clay sculptures trace the last 20 years of his artistic life, from the 1960s onwards, when his favorite subjects were women, landscapes and birds. Mirò’s surrealist fantasies and dreams are on display at Chiostro del Bramante through June 10.

He is not Spanish but comes from the same cultural area another key surrealist, Sebastian Matta, whose works (14 paintings, more than 30 drawings and eight sculptures) you can see for free through May 20 at Rome’s Auditorium. Matta is the father of the Roman artist Pablo Echaurren. Everyday from 11am to 6pm.