How BuzzInRome Fell in Love with Eataly Roma….

How BuzzInRome Fell in Love with Eataly Roma….

Summer 2010, Turin was the first time we came across Eataly. It was EATALY love at first sight!  We loved it so much that come summer of 2011, we just had to visit Eataly in New York (conveniently located steps away from the Flat Iron Building). Hence, we were ecstatic to be invited to the press unveiling of Eataly Roma mid-June. Finally, Eataly Roma’s doors have been open to the public last Thursday. 

Eataly Roma is the biggest Italian enogastronomic hub to date! Here comes the tricky part, when explaining what the concept of Eataly is, it becomes quite a task because Italians usually patronize certain restaurants and gourmet shops that the idea of Eataly having everything in one roof actually confuses them! We aren’t exaggerating when we say Eataly has everything! Picture this : a 4-levelled commercial center showcasing purely Italian food & drink brands. Each floor divided into sections that are dedicated to a certain food/drink category (meat, fish, dairy, bread, pasta, beer, wine, sweets) where you can dine in or order something  “al volo” (standing up), and in between, there are sections where you can actually purchase authentic and classical Italian food brands. For example, at the 1st floor (to your left) there’s a cafe, a pizza stall, a pastry corner, 2 ice cream parlors (one by the famous brand Venchi) and you’ll pass a bookstore filled with enogastronomic titles and a section consisting of Italian non-alcoholic drinks. Then to your right, you’ll find the fresh food market and a bakery.  You will also stumble upon a section of Italian kitchenware. This floor plan is consistent throughout the whole building except the top floor, where they have conference rooms and ArcLinea-designed rooms that will hold cooking classes. The top floor boasts of Ristorante Italia, a first class restaurant decorated with original Modigliani paintings and a view of the Ostiense neighborhood. Not only is it classy, this restaurant also pays tribute to all the Italian regional cuisine by serving 20 different dishes (5 starters, 5 first courses, 5 second courses and 5 desserts) each from a different Italian region and that alone deserves a standing oviation.

To those who are curious and are true Italian foodies like us – stop researching about Eataly and just walk on over because experiencing it is way better than hearing about it. You can easily reach Eataly Roma by all types of public transport: Regional trains, Metro, Bus. For those wanting to bring a car, Eataly has 600 parking slots available. For regional train commuters, hop on to the trains that stop at Ostiense and take the subway for the Air Terminal. For bus goers, take buses that bring you to Piazzale Partigiani (bus number 80, 83, 175, 280, 719 and 30 Express) or Circonvallazione Ostiense (670, 715, 716). For those on the Metro, jump into any Line B tubes, get off at Piramide and take the subway for the Air Terminal, luckily, the exit is right in front of Eataly.   

For a clearer idea, please check out our photos on our Facebook page. And here’s the link to Eataly Roma for more information.

Not only is Eataly an Italian foodie’s heaven, an enogastronomic emporium, it is also a learning hub. Wherein Eataly’s team thought of ways to educate their visitors of Italian regional cuisine & products using illustrated posters all throughout the structure and inspiringly found ways to support local farmers. In this way, Eataly’s genial father, Mr. Oscar Farinetti, aims to honor Italy and hopes in reuniting Italy in what Italians know only the best – to satisfy our palate. That would be one great conversation. Once  again, Mr. Farinetti and his brainchild – Eataly – has never failed to impress and to deliver. We hope and we know that Eataly Roma will fulfill all your stomach’s desires. Cheers to great memories, sumptuous meals, exquisite wine tasting and delightful gourmet shopping…Happy Eataly-ing!

PS Check out their website if you’re planing to go there on Mondays. They might be closed on Monday during the summer.