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Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall = Ice cream. Our top-ten gelato makers in Rome!

Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall = Ice cream. Our top-ten gelato makers in Rome!

We know that whatever the season, Gelato is always a good idea. After a hot, world breaking record of a summer we’ve been going out frequently to our favourite ice-cream parlours and we thought that a list of our preferred gelato choices would come in handy for you. Rule of thumb : if you can’t reach any of the places mentioned below, avoid ice-cream shops with a display of color seducing flavours and overflowing ice cream containers. A visual image would be neon-colored ice cream flavors that look like the tip of a mountain! It is a clear signal that their gelato is far from natural. Good quality ice cream doesn’t need to appear like a work of art. Remember, that the closer the color is to the natural color of the product is your safest bet to it having less additives. At times, you don’t even get to see it before you buy it due to preservation techniques.
Fata Morgana we’ve quickly become addicted to their creations! Out-of-the-ordinary flavours such as Baklava and Kentucky – a mix of chocolate and tobacco. Yes, you heard it right: tobacco. Do try them all. We sure are trying new ones everytime, and they haven’t let us down one bit! Perhaps their best ones are the Madagascar and Venezuelan chocolate. Various locations in town.
Il Gelato di Claudio Torce’. Mind-numbing variety of flavours, both exotic and traditional ones. The first time we went, we were dizzy with the number of chocolate variants they had!  Habanero Chili ice-cream? Sichuan pepper? Yes, they’ve got it. They’ve got other frozen treats available too like yoghurt plus your choice of toppings and other blended concoctions. Curious about Happy Hour + Gelato? Then join their Aperi-Gelato every Fridays and Saturdays at 630pm.  Various locations in town.
Pica. One of the ice cream parlours we’ve been going to the longest. If you like the fusion of rice and ice cream their rice flavours are to die for: chocolate, cinnamon and plain. But their Chantilly cream with wild berries is also a must. Benches available for customers of take away ice cream, table service for those who want sundae combinations. Conveniently located off Largo Argentina, Pica ice cream + a city center stroll, sounds like a great plan!
San Crispino. The best fruit flavours in town. Famously endorsed. One of those cases when you should believe what they say and what you read about this ice cream place.  No sight of their flavours before you make your choices as they keep it in metal containers with a cover. Various locations in town.
I Caruso. One of the new entries. We love their yummy cups made of waffle cones. Traditional flavours. Limited range. However, they do have frozen desserts available. A sure way to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Sitting on their benches, this ice cream corner left quite a relaxing impression: definitely a neighborhood to explore.
Gelateria dei Gracchi. Love their pistachio and almond flavors. Several original creations and flavor combinations. Although hidden in the Cola Di Rienzo/Prati area,  A plus is that it’s very accessible : a number of buses and walking distance from Metro A Lepanto stop.  Be patient, lines are always long, but it will be worth the wait.
Mondi. They managed to create many unique flavors and they’re also very delicious. Pleasant outdoor space for big sundae treats with table service.  Situated in Ponte Milvio, a popular area known for its upbeat nightlife. Please be mindful on how to reach the area. It’s quite a distance from the city center.
Duse/”Da Giovanni”. The typical borough ice cream parlour. Family run. Metal/covered containers. Fruit flavours are their best products. Note: We haven’t made it here recently but we’ve heard that quality upholds.
Settimo Gelo. Its main feature are the foreign-oriented flavours, such as Iranian and Greek inspired gelato. We like that it’s near one of our favorite pizza places: Pizza Re, known for their Napoli-style pizzas. So, after dinner, skip dessert and in just a few steps, indulge in a gelato or two!
10 Hinterland barin Frascati. This is the only ice cream destination out of Rome, but it is special for their unique alcohol flavours. Try the local fruit flavours, apricots, figs, chestnuts and wild berries, mixed with different and perfect wine combinations! Note: We’ve never been but we will definitely make that trip sometime soon!
Just a tip: to save time and to avoid holding a line of frequent patrons, know your flavours (gusti) beforehand  because they are mostly in Italian. Here are some: Nocciola = hazelnut, Noce = walnut, Castagna = chestnut, Mandorla = almond, Cannella = cinnamon, Crema = cream, Fragoline di bosco = wild berries, Macedonia = fruit salad, The Verde = green tea, Cioccolato Fondente = dark chocolate, Cioccolato Bianco = white chocolate, Cioccolato al Latte = milk chocolate. Other buzz words: Cono = cone and coppa = Cup, Senza = without, Con = with and lastly, if they ask you: Panna? that’s whipped cream and it’s free (in Rome).
Can’t wait to drop by our TOP 10 again so we can say with a big smile on our faces : ” Per me, una coppa con variegato di nutella e nocciola per favore! E senza panna! Grazie! ” Buon Gelato to you all! 🙂


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