It’s not like the OktoberFest, but here is your Beer Itinerary in Rome & surroundings!

It’s not like the OktoberFest, but here is your Beer Itinerary in Rome & surroundings!

After having explored the wine scene of Rome suggesting some of the best enoteche in town (see story) we think it’s time to review the best brew pubs and craft beers of the Eternal City as Romans are developing a taste for ale.

The typical selection of an average bar is limited to mostly local beers such as Moretti, Nastro Azzurro and Peroni but there are more and more bars offering specialist local and imported beers. Rome, and Italy in general, has a new craft beer scene with brewers trying to give an identity for Italian ale.

It might seem weird but Italians never have pizza with wine, if they like alcohol, it’s always with a beer!



One of the most traditional places for beer lovers is Oasi della Birra, with the largest selection of beers in town. Most of them are imported. Good cheese and cold cuts selection and mouth watering cakes. In Testaccio, perfect to warm up before your dancing night in a nearby club.

The trendiest beer place at the moment is Open Baladin. Located in a central but narrow alley, this beer bar will draw your attention even if you go past by it occasionally. There is always the queue in the evening. It mostly proposes Italian artisanal beers. Fantastic fresh-made chips to accompany your ale.

The most ancient Irish pub in Italy is not far from the Termini railway station. It’s the Fiddler’s Elbow and that is the right destination for Irish ales and beers, good live music and a wide range of cider – at least for Rome’s standards.

In Trastevere, our preferred choice is Ma che siete venuti a fa with excellent draft beer. There is always a good choice of blanches, dark ales and stouts. The selection is mostly Belgian, German and Italian.

In the same road you can also head for Bir & Fud which serves only local crafted beers and fantastic Italian food.



Johnny’s Offlicense is by far the top destination for your beer purchases. One of the largest range of beers in the whole country. Very rare Italian artisanal beers and an interesting selection of English, German and Belgian ales.

The beershop Montesacro. Very old style and minimalist. A must if you are in the north-eastern part of Rome. Artisanal beers form all over the world and a dedicated shelf to Italian home brewed beers.

Bottega Beershop run by the Bir & Fud people. Close to Trastevere railway station.

Hic, in San Lorenzo. Caters to the young, student crowd of this borough. Many US and English beers.

Eataly has many shelves of Italian craft beer (range of about a hundred) and a real brewery producing 3 different beers!



Birra del Borgo, near Rieti. It’s one of the artisanal producer that supplies Open Baladin and Eataly.

Birrificio Itineris. Brewery and brew pub. Between Rome and Viterbo.

Alta Quota. High altitude, as it is located at 1500 meters, near Amatrice, the city that invented the pasta all’Amatriciana. They produce two beers with the local barley.

Free Lions. They brew 4 Italian beers and a Belgian-style blanche. Between Viterbo and the coast, near the beautiful medieval town of Tuscania.



In coincidence with Munchen’s OktoberFest, in the racetrack of Capannelle, at the south-eastern end of the city, you can enjoy an Italian adaptation of the more famous German beer event from September 27 to October 20.

If you can’t wait until the end of the month, in Rieti they also have their local copy of the German OktoberFest. It runs from September 13 to the 22nd.

The best happening for those of you who want to explore the Italian ale scene is the Italian Beer Festival of Rome in May, which is also an ideal time of the year to visit the city.