October in Rome: A Preview of the Best Events in the Eternal City & Surroundings!

October in Rome: A Preview of the Best Events in the Eternal City & Surroundings!

The school and work terms are well under way in October in Rome. And this also holds for the arts. This month features lots of events, shows and special openings with the exhibition season in full bloom.

Here is what we recommend you not to miss. There are many other things to do and see, we don’t want to fill a list, we like to pick the very best….. If you think that there are additional items to be added, please write in the comments section. Thank you!


October 6, the first Saturday of the month, seems to be a very busy day for arts lovers. From 8pm to 2am dozens Roman museums and culture institutions will be open for free and will host complimentary shows and concerts for the Night of the Museums initiative (originally scheduled for May 19, it was cancelled all over Italy for the Brindisi school gas attack). We will post a detailed article on this event in a few days.

The other key event of the day is the 8th edition of the Contemporary Art day organized by AMACI, the Association of the Italian Contemporary Art Museums, which will also involve commercial art galleries open until late at night and contemporary art associations with free admissions, showings and performances.


The day before, October 5, will mark the start of the ten-day antiques fair at Palazzo Venezia, with some of the best Italian galleries and a few international ones attending.


Another occasion to buy art will be at the end of the month, on October 26-28, with the Affordable Art Fair in La Pelanda. Nothing above the 5,000 euro tally, what a treat!


One of the things that most drew our attention is the Open Villas initiative, meant to show beautiful buildings usually closed to the public, often owned by private families. The first visit is on October 1, but they run throughout the month of October. All guided tours. Some of them are pretty expensive, but in most cases it’s worth the cost.


Let’s now have a review of the top exhibitions starting in October in Rome. We are really looking forward to see the Indian showing about the Mogul Emperor Akhbar because it’s something really new and unique for Rome. From October 23.

Dedicated to Asia is also the Silk Road exhibit at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni from October 27.

The first half of the month will see the opening of two contemporary art exhibits: Renato Guttuso at Vittoriano on October 5 and Paul Klee and Italy at the National Gallery of Modern Art from the 9th.

Contemporary Fashion is the theme of the exhibit on the best creatures and designers of the Made in Italy at Centrale Montemartini from the 10th.

Italian ceramics by the Rometti firm will be on display from October 3 in the Torlonia Park.

An unusual, free exhibit will be on show at the Auditorium from October 8. It is about the maps made for Italy’s leading International Affairs magazine, Limes.


A traditional appointment of October is also the Rome Fiction Festival (which actually starts on September 30) with many seminars and meetings held in English by the best international TV series directors and scriptwriters. Through October 5.


The best music festival of the month seems to be the Visual Jazz one, the 2012 edition of the Rome Jazz Festival. This year’s happening will explore the relationship between cinema, TV and jazz. It kicks off on October 12.


As usual in October you can also see Internazionale’s Documentary Film Festival. Free, at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Original version with subtitles in Italian. From October 9 to the 14th.

Another free cinema event will take place from October 19 to the 28th. It’s the Mediterranean Film Festival with movies coming from Southern Europe and Northern Africa two areas going through two deep, but different crisis.

An alternative happening is the Weird Festival devoted to LGBTIQ issues and entertainment. On October 4-6.

And then something for your kids. Rome’s Zoo will host a special event dedicated to lemurs, these cute animals from Madagascar, on October 14 and 28.

Finally some food! Rome’s countryside teems with Chestnut and Cep Fairs. For the latter visit the village of Bellegra between October 6 and the 14th. For the former, same dates, in Soriano nel Cimino.