Achieving Happiness and Pleasure at the Rome Science Festival!

Achieving Happiness and Pleasure at the Rome Science Festival!

The Rome Science Festival will look into the topic of Happiness this year [1]. The 8th edition of this cultural happening will feature many international English-speaking guests that can be enjoyed even by those who don’t speak Italian.

Happiness is very important issue especially in this time of general and economic crisis for most of the Western world, with many jobless people, workers in transition, and simply citizens with doubts on democracy and their future.  


From January 17 to the 20th, you can listen to some of the most diversified and respected scholars on the broad theme of happiness.

Rome’s Auditorium will host on the opening day at 6pm Mark Williamson, director of the “Action for Happiness” organization [2], followed at 9pm by the economist Amartya Sen (sold out).

The concept of happiness, however, is very recent and the Friday lectures by Darrin McMahon (Florida State University) on the History of happiness – 4pm [3], and John Heliwell’s on the Geography of happiness will shed new light on it (6pm) [4].

Saturday will see the neuroscientist David Linden explain how pleasure affects our brain at 11am [5], and the neuroscientist Gillian Einstein address the relationship between sex and happiness (at 6pm) [6].   

On Sunday, the closing day, Dan Haybron from Saint Louis University will analyze the Philosophy of happiness (3pm) [8] while Paul Bloom will give details on how pleasure works at 11am [7]. The very last appointment of the Festival will be about consumerism and happiness by Lauren Anderson and Juliet Schor (at 7pm) [9].