Rome Hosts 3 Rugby Games for the 2013 Edition of the 6 Nations at the Olympic Stadium

Rome Hosts 3 Rugby Games for the 2013 Edition of the 6 Nations at the Olympic Stadium

For the second year in a row Rome’s Olympic Stadium will be the battle field of the Italian rugby team during the Six Nations Tournament. After the 2012 impressive turnouts, the Italian Rugby Federation could definitely show that the Flaminio stadium was no longer enough for the rising crowd of Italian rugby lovers and of Europeans looking for an excuse to make a trip to Rome in winter.

This year, Rome will host France on February 3, Wales on the 23rd and Ireland on March 16. [1] And soccer will give way to these rugby games, with Rome’s two teams, Roma and Lazio, forced to anticipate and postpone their Serie A matches.


The area around the Olympic stadium doesn’t offer much as it is mostly dedicated to sport activities, no comparison with what the Flaminio area could offer to rugby fans until 2011. But still we managed some places to visit and things to do.

If you’re after beauty, art and architecture, these are the best spots: CONI’s mosaic decorated swimming pool inside the red building south of the stadium are worth a peek, the black and white mosaics around the fountain right outside the stadium are also very nice, we particularly love the Marble stadium with its majestic statues [2], and the brand new ponte della musica, the music bridge for pedestrians only that will take you to MAXXI and the Auditorium.

In terms of food and entertainment you should head towards Ponte Milvio, the Milvian bridge. For lunch we recommend Voy’s cheap brunch [3] or the traditional Roman dishes of Pallotta [4]. For an icecream Mondi [5] and Pellicano are the best options in the area, while for an after-game drink or tea we suggest you Dulcamara [6].


It seems the Olympic stadium, built for Rome’s 1960 Olympic Games and renovated for the 1990’s Soccer World Cup, is now bound to host more and more diversified events. Not only football. So far it hosted the games of Roma and Lazio every week-end from late August to late May. But the owner of the facility, the Italian Official Sport Committee, CONI, is flexing its muscles to show the two teams that if they really want to leave the Olympic stadium, its owners are ready to fill for other events and possibly even more than football games do.

Lazio’s president has been saying for years that the Olympic stadium is too big and costly for its team and tepid/few supporters and it wants to build a new one out of Rome and now even Roma is starting to air rumors of making its own stadium near Rome.

This summer will also feature many more music concerts than usual. Well, the Olympic Stadium is no longer football-dependent and more and more the house of Italian rugby and Rome big concerts.