Skiing Near Rome is Easy and Fun, Try Campo Felice!

Skiing Near Rome is Easy and Fun, Try Campo Felice!

There are several skiing destinations near Rome. But one is in our opinion by far the most convenient: Campo Felice. [1]

Perfect for a day trip, we particularly recommend you to go there on a working day when there are few people on the ski slopes.



It is very easy to reach Campo Felice by car, as there is a highway that takes you very near the skiing resort. It’s the A24, also called Roma-L’Aquila. Journey time is less than 90 minutes.

There is also an alternative way to get there for those who don’t have a car. There is a bus service from the San Giovanni metro stop (line A) at 7:15am [2]. Booking required.



Campo Felice has a wide range of ski slopes (about 15) with different degrees of difficulty and a daily pass costs 27 euros on working days, 32 on Sundays and Saturdays [3].  

The mountains are really wild and the view is stunning. It’s in the middle of nowhere, and you really feel in touch with nature once you’re there. The silence is striking on top of those mountains, especially if you compare it with Rome’s noise!



You can rent skis, snow boards and ski boots there. You don’t even need to bring your own food as there are several restaurants and bars near the ski slopes. We recommend you to try the sausage bread roll and the scamorza (smoked cheese) one, both made with local products.

Unfortunately, however there is no proper village, as is usually the case here in Italy, no shops or nice squares to stroll through.



Campo Felice is just a ski resort, founded in the 1960 by an Alpine (mountain Army) general.

Even John Paul II liked it and came here to ski once.

For about 40 years it was regularly invaded by Romans but it is now turning into an international sport place with lots of immigrants and expats from the Rome area choosing it for a relaxing day off.



For Valentine’s Day, go to the cashier with your partner and you’ll get two daily ski passes at the price of one!