All the Dates & Occasions to meet Benedict XVI before he steps down on February 28

All the Dates & Occasions to meet Benedict XVI before he steps down on February 28

There are only a couple of weeks before pope Benedict XVI retires. Many of you will want to know if and when he will hold public events before February 28, his last day as pope, and here we are to provide you the information. Benedict hasn’t changed his agenda at all, he has just moved the location of a single event.  



The first appointments are already tomorrow, February 13. Being Wednesday, Benedict XVI will hold the usual general audience. Tickets required (and free!). 10:30 am.

But tomorrow is a key date as the Pope will celebrate his last Ash Wednesday Mass at 5pm. It will not be in the Santa Sabina church, since many, many people are expected to turn out for this event. Therefore it will be in the much bigger St. Peter’s.



It’s not a properly public event, but the informal meeting with the Roman clergy, i.e. Rome’s parish priests, will probably have in store some juicy follow/ups on his decision to leave. Rome-based priests are very frank and outspoken!



Angelus at noon in St Peter’s square. It will probably be an extremely joyful event with one of the most meaningful Angelus speeches. Just follow the flow and enjoy the crowds and special atmosphere.



Because of the Spiritual Exercise week, the Pope will not show up in public from Sunday afternoon (17) through Saturday the 23rd.



Angelus. His last. At noon, as usual.



General audience in St Peter’s square because it is the last one and many people are expected to attend for the very last time you can see pope Ratzinger. 10:30am.