March in Rome: Some of the Best Events Not To Be Missed

March in Rome: Some of the Best Events Not To Be Missed

March is going to be a very exciting and hectic month here in Rome. So many crucial things going on…



A huge establishment reshuffle is expected on both shores of the Tiber, i.e. at the Vatican and for our national government and Parliament.

Italy’s general elections on February 24-25 will determine a new Parliament majority and cabinet. The opening of the Senate and the Lower House in early March will see many newcomers, especially from the protest party led by Beppe Grillo. The new government will also be sworn in during the month of March. And as of now we have no idea of who will lead it and what is the outcome of these elections.   

The Vatican is also going through unprecedented events, with Benedict XVI’s resignation. We should know the new pope in mid-March, as the Conclave is likely to start between March 10 and the 15th. You can see the new pope in action during the Easter week celebrations which will kick off on March 24 with Palm Sunday.



What countries will be celebrated the most in March? Like every March for St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland is #1. This is how we celebrated March 17last year. Furthermore, for the Six Nations rugby tournament game on March 16 the city will be literally invaded by Irish fans. This is going to be a very special St Patrick’s day!

Rome will celebrate Finland’s epic poem Kalevala with an exhibition in one of the most beautiful libraries in town from March 1st to the 11th.

France will also play an important role this month in Rome with the French Language Film Festival from March 15 to the 22nd. Movies from 18 different countries will be screened in French with Italian subtitles. Free admission.



The best shows of the month should be the dance performance George Balanchine Gala by the principals of the New York City Ballet on March 3 and Mick Hucknall’s concert American Soul Tour on the 19th.



Rome’s Book Festivalon March 14-17 will host many international writers and novelists. Just to mention a few Catherine Dunne, David Grossman (anticipated to March 10) and Salman Rushdie.

Two big exhibitions start in March: Titian’s (painting) on the 5th and Helmut Newton’s (photography) on March 6.

Another key appointment is the 2-day special opening event organized by Italy’s main heritage conservation association, FAI, on March 23-24.



If you like motorcycles, scooters and the likes, the four-day fair Motodays on March 7-10 are a good opportunity to know the newest models and trends of the sector.

Rome’s Marathon on the 17th is Italy’s most important event of the year. Very competitive race. Enrolment lists open until March 6.

Last but not least, on the very last day of the month, Easter, ie. March 31, the beautiful Ninfa gardens, south of Rome, will re-open after winter closure.