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Fancy A Sandwich while in Rome? These are the Best Panini in Town!

Fancy A Sandwich while in Rome? These are the Best Panini in Town!

rosettamortadellaThe sun has finally come out and it’s time to enjoy the weather here in Rome with long walks and strolls. If you don’t feel like wasting a lot of your time inside a restaurant and prefer to enjoy the city there are many options for take away and street food.

Take away pizza, first, which also includes some fried food like the tomato rice balls supplì, but also the small bread rolls that we call Panini, i.e. sandwiches made from other than sliced bread.


These are our ten picks. Go to one of these places and not only you’ll get a quick, cheap (compared to average prices for a restaurant meal) fix but also a good mix of local produces. Save some time and money for the dinner but enjoy the sunlight and the warm hours!



  1. Romeo. Very peculiar combinations of flavors in one of the trendiest but at the same time unpretentious places in town starring one of the best Italian baking gurus.
  2. Tricolore. Run by Bonci another baking star here in Rome, its Panini are gourmet creations with very sophisticated ingredients.
  3. Ino il Panino. Alessandro Frassica is from Florence, you’ll find his panini inside Eataly. They have a lot of ingredients and original matches.
  4. Duecento gradi. Tasty panini, modern ambiance. Very convenient stop after a Vatican visit.
  5. Vice Cafè. Sweet sandwiches, with chocolate. And salted croissants with amatriciana sauce filling or sausage and ceps.
  6. Mordi e Vai. Cheap, made with typical roman products such as tripe and cicory.
  7. Zia Rosetta. Local rose shaped bread, rosetta. Even mini sizes.
  8. Paulette. Mix of French and Italian influence The bread is French, it’s the Baguette.
  9. Sandwicheria. Gourmet sandwiches with innovative combinations.
  10. Rosti. Spiced beef and lamb pastrami is their special treat.


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