Open Your Heart to Rome’s Architecture & Design Beauties for Open House Roma 2013 on May 4-5

Open Your Heart to Rome’s Architecture & Design Beauties for Open House Roma 2013 on May 4-5

Open-House-Roma-2013800 guided tours in 145 sites, 34 special events, 8 bike tours, 4 workshops for kids, 4 installations, 4 construction yards. All coordinated by 300 volunteers.

These are the numbers of Open House Roma 2013, the second edition of this entirely free initiative whose main aim is to show the architecture and design beauties of the Eternal City.



Contemporary and old, ancient and modern will blend in this 2-day event throughout the entire city of Rome. We defined it last year as the best Rome culture event of 2012. We hope this will also be the case for its second year.

Last year we had the chance to see a couple of dozens sites. But we didn’t write much about them since we were not sure that there would be another Open House Roma. Well, here it is: on May 4 and 5 – Saturday and Sunday.

We will tell you what in our opinion are the best things to see and report about what we visited last year so that we can help you choose among the 145 sites open for the occasion.



As a general premise, we have to inform you that there are 2 ways to enter the sites. Booking them, where it is required, or just showing up during the opening hours at the open access sites. Check the times and the days: some sites are open on Sunday only or Saturday only. The guided tours will be held in Italian.

Last year we didn’t experience long queues in any of the open access sites, except for the Fuksas cloud in EUR. Where a booking was required everything started on time, as scheduled.

Another tip: hurry up to book your visits to the sites where reservations are mandatory, as we are pretty sure that many more people now know how fantastic Open House Roma is!



But what can you actually see? Read our tips and you’ll understand it. We included most categories of sites/places that you can see.

We suggest you to visit these sites:

Eurosky Tower, Rome’s only residential skyscraper with luxury apartments one of which has been bought by AS Roma captain Francesco Totti! Booking required. We will visit it on Saturday morning.

EUR spa’s offices (Palazzo degli Uffici). Visited last year. Unexpected surprise in one of our favorite boroughs of Rome for its architecture and urban layout. Free Access

Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. Visited last year. Short tour. This iconic monument is always closed except for this event! Free access (with short queue)

IFAD HQ. Unless you work there, you’re very unlikely to see this building. IFAD is one of the 3 United Nations agencies that deal with food and agriculture and are located in Rome. Reservation required.

The group of sites (5) and events (1) in Via di Pietralata 159 to discover how this old industrial area has been reconverted to creative and entertainment use.

Casa Duplex. Visited last year. Discover how architects redesigned this small flat and made it a very cool and comfortable one with a great and unusual view! Free access.

Pro Arch BCD. Once you’ve seen how architects work in private house it would also be interesting to see how they remake the places where they work and this is your chance! We should visit it on Sunday Morning. Send email to reserve the visit.

Egyptian Academy (Accademia d’Egitto). Visited for another event. This is probably the most luxurious of the International Academies in Rome and hosts a fantastic museum of Egyptian art. It is often closed to the public. Take advantage of this unique occasion. Free access.

Navy Ministry (Ministero della Marina Militare). Visited last year. The guide tour was really great in what is a jaw-dropping art nouveau building. You can discover a new side of the Italian identity: our naval accomplishments and history. Free access.

On Sunday afternoon we will be very eager to understand how these hotels were redesigned. Orange and First Art Luxury. Booking required.

AIL Gimema onlus. Visited it last year. Very innovative and peculiar solutions for this NGO office: inspiring! Free access.  

Biblioteca Hertziana. Hertz Library. This library has just reopened after years of works. You might want to know what they did after all these years. Booking required.

Residenza Giulia. Visited last year. Private house owned by a very wealthy family. Not only you see a luxury flat but also a loto of artworks and painting by worldwide famous artists. Booking required but you can also try to get there and see if someone cancelled to replace them.

Un affaccio sul Colosseo (View on the Colosseum). Visited last year. Another private flat redesigned by a Rome-based architecture firm. Very nice hosts. Lovely balcony overlooking the Colosseum. Booking required but you can also try to get there and see if someone cancelled to replace them.