Summer 2013: June Best Events in Rome & Surroundings

Summer 2013: June Best Events in Rome & Surroundings

juneIt’s still cold and raining but we are, definitely are, sure that summer is about to arrive. Long, sunny, hot days seem so far away but don’t worry this is going to happen soon as June is the first summer month in Rome.

Here is a round-up of what we think are the most interesting events of the month in Rome and surroundings.



We couldn’t help but starting with tomorrow’s military parade. June 2 is a national holiday in Italy as we celebrate the Italian Republic’s 67th anniversary – the unified Italian state was a monarchy from its foundation in 1861 to 1946. For details on how this event unfolds, read our story.

Another key event of the month is the Golden Gala track and field contest, part of the International Diamond League. Rome’s Olympic Stadium will host Usain Bolt, Blanka Vlasic and many more on June 6.

Through June 10, in Orvieto you can admire the medieval costumes for the Corpus Domini celebrations. You’ll find details in our story by the Orvieto-based photographer Patrick Nicholas.

France and Italy share a lot of artistic activities in Rome in June. Jazz players will perform improvised melodies through June 5 at the Auditorium for the “Una Striscia di Terra FecondaFestival. While the centuries-old French Arts Academy of Villa Medici hosts the pop, rock, electro music festival Villa Aperta from June 5 to the 8th.

Classical music fans will enjoy the Rome Baroque Music Festivalfrom June 4 to the 23rd. Concerts will be held in some of Rome’s most beautiful churches and palaces.

Rome’s Music Auditorium celebrates its tenth birthday on June 9 with plenty of free concerts, shows and events.

Book lovers shouldn’t miss Rome’s Literature Festival with lots of artists and novelists from all over the world. June 11-July 3. The program is not available yet, therefore we would recommend you to read our 2011 story.

A food/Mediterranean feast, Cerealia, will kick off on June 6. It is a very diverse Festival that takes place in Rome but also in other towns. Conferences, food tastings, guided tours, gardening, environment labs, exhibitions etc….This year’s special guests are Greece and Turkey. Through June 9.

It was inaugurated yesterday but we consider it a June event: it’s the Archimedes exhibition at the Capitoline Museums. This scientific event is devoted to the inventions of Greece’s most famous student of natural phenomena.

Shopaholics can extend their shopping hours until 2 am from June 15 when the Lungo il Tevere night happening starts. Night stands, stalls, lounge & cocktail bars and dancing venues along the Tiber’s banks.



A separate section of this story is about rock music as June also marks the start of the outdoor summer concerts.

The first one is by Green Day on June 5 at the Capannelle race track, in southern Rome.

Same venue, on June 11 the Killers will be on stage.

Again at Capannelle Toto will celebrate their 35th anniversary. On June 21.

 Many more will follow in July (also in other venues).