Experience Trastevere’s charm by tasting some of Rome’s finest food

Experience Trastevere’s charm by tasting some of Rome’s finest food

Italy is known for its spectacular food, and many Italians pride themselves on their ability to make dishes into absolute masterpieces.

That being said, going on a food tour on a Friday night in Rome seemed like the perfect way to sample traditional Italian food and learn something along the way. The tour I went on starts on Isola Tiberina, and winds through the cobblestone streets and vine covered buildings of Trastevere, capturing Rome in all of its quintessential beauty. Throughout the stops at several quaint, family-run restaurants, tour-goers learn a history of Rome that the guidebooks won’t teach them, and more importantly, leave the tour with an overall greater appreciation for the artistry of Italian cooking.


• Da Enzo, for trying a staple Italian antipasto: prosciutto and melon. The melon is specifically brought in from Tuscany, because restaurant owners believe it is sweeter than locally grown Roman melons.

Spirito di Vino, for a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience in a wine cellar 160 years older than the Colosseum.

Antica Caciara, a well-known meat and cheese shop in Trastevere that its owner Roberto Policia runs with his family. The best part? He even has his own farm and ensures that all of the ingredients he uses to make cheese are fresh and produced locally.

Fatamorgana, for “real,” genuine Italian gelato. You can find BuzzInRome’s other favorite icecream parlours of Rome here.

The Twilight Trastevere Food Tour by Eating Italy Food Tours is an absolute must for anyone spending at least a few days in Rome. The tour is a nice way to take in the city, and the knowledgeable guides ensure that you’ll learn about the food, while encompassing interesting historical information into the adventure. My only advice is to go on the tour at the beginning of any stay in Rome, because all of the food and restaurants are so fantastic, you’ll have to return to them.

-Jordan Goheski


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