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Summer Food Destinations: Our Favorite Shakes and Juices in Rome

Summer Food Destinations: Our Favorite Shakes and Juices in Rome

pascucciAfter weeks of rain and chilly weather Rome is sweating due to a North-African heat wave.

Your personal remedy to the very high temperatures doesn’t necessarily have to be a gelato. There is something else, maybe even better, because it is liquid: a shake or a juice.

In the last few days we posted more than once from our favorite place. A downtown little bar that I started to know when I was kid and hasn’t changed much since then. It is still the number one, but we also wanted to offer you good alternatives.

Therefore, here’s our top ten of the best shakes and milk shakes in Rome, respectively frappè and frullato. What’s the difference? Frappè has got ice or icecream, while a frullato’s main ingredient is fresh fruit.





  1. Pascucci. Historical bar near the Pantheon. Any of their shakes/milk shakes is good. I love it with barley, many are crazy for the milk and cherries Monterosa. Small place with a limited number of stools.
  2. Papaya. The typical excellent place in Rome’s suburbs, this place can be easily reached by underground. Its name already suggest that tropical fruits are their forte. Outdoor tables. Expensive.
  3. U Juice. Also known for its smoothies, this place offers traditional style shakes. Modern ambiance, near Via Veneto.
  4. Fa-Bio. This organic food joint offers strictly biological products, including its vegetable juices. Close to the Vatican, it represents the perfect refreshing and healthy stop after an exhausting art tour!
  5. Ginger. Probably the trendiest place in this list, Ginger is a multifaceted place where you can enjoy very peculiar shakes in a cool décor. Very expensive
  6. Frufru, frutta e frullati. Is totally dedicated to fresh fruit and milk shake. Small pink and green shop near Termini Station. Quiet, with local clients and only one working blender. Relaxing stop for those who aren’t in a hurry.
  7. Quinto near Navona square offers many tropical and Amazonian juices and fruits. Ideal downtown pit-stop in the Roman summer heat.
  8. Vitaminas 24. The ingredients on offer for their shakes and juices vary greatly depending on the season of the year. Only super fresh stuff here! Açai is their big thing.
  9. Vero. A natural fast-food. Famous for its juices and Verofrozen. Free wifi. Two locations, both between the Vatican and the Spanish Steps.
  10. Energia do Brasil. Brazilian ingredients and fruit. Acai is king here. Tropical juices and milk shakes with Brazilian music in the background. In the southern suburb of Centocelle.


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