Rome’s Museums and Landmarks Stay Open until Midnight Next Saturday, August 31

Rome’s Museums and Landmarks Stay Open until Midnight Next Saturday, August 31

nottemuseo2Some of the Eternal City’s museums and archaeology sites will be open until midnight the last Saturday of the month until January 2014. The initiative is by the Heritage Ministry, therefore, it will only involve state-owned sites. Usual admission charges apply.

This month, the last Saturday falls on August 31. And here are our tips on how to pick the right landmarks for you.

If you have a car, you shouldn’t miss Villa Adriana, a Unesco Heritage Site. You need a car because it’s in Tivoli and public transport for Rome doesn’t run until very late. But it’s a unique occasion to see this jaw-dropping archeology site in its beautiful outdoor setting at night. We could only see it during the day and we are pretty sure it will look even better with moonlight

If you prefer to stay in Rome, Galleria Borghese, our favorite Rome museum, should be on the top of your list. An incredible concentration of painting and sculpture beauties previously part of a private collection owned by the Borghese aristocratic family in the Villa Borghese Park.

A good alternative, always in the part of the city is the Etruscan Museum which will show what else was going on in Italy before the rise of Rome. Furthermore the museum is hosted by a beautiful Renaissance villa.

If you are after ancient Roman art, you should either go visit the Palazzo Massimo museum, very conveniently located next to the Termini station, or the Crypta Balbi. The latter, in the heart of downtown Rome, is not a museum but a proper archeology site, composed of different building layers that will show you how ordinary life was in Ancient Rome.