Fitness: Rome Is The World’s Only City To Boast Two Hard Candy Gyms by Madonna

Fitness: Rome Is The World’s Only City To Boast Two Hard Candy Gyms by Madonna

550748_494050870615293_2026697714_nRome is the only city on earth that boasts two Hard Candy Fitness Clubs.

Madonna’s latest creations opened contemporarily today after an inauguration party last night.

One is located in the city center, near the Colosseum, while the other is in the city’s posh neighborhood of Parioli.

Hard Candy Fitness locations include Germany, Russia, Chile, Mexico, USA and Australia but none of these countries features a city with two clubs.

Maybe it’s because Veronica Ciccone’s origins are not far from Rome, or maybe it’s due to the warmth of the Roman fans, but the queen of pop decided during her unexpected August visit to go ahead with a double, unprecedented opening.

The trendiest sport clubs of the Italian capital will offer unprecedented classes for Italy such as Addicted to Sweat, a gym method developed by Madonna herself and her personal trainers. Other new classes are Body Design, Release, Move and Drive and the antigravity training.

Key features of Hard Candy centers are the mentors which are meant to be something more than the usual gym trainers – they are supposed to improve also your personal condition and not just your body’s – and the importance attached to dance classes and the general disco/glam atmosphere of the fitness clubs (lights and music in particular).

In Parioli you can also enjoy a swimming pool and the innovative Liquid class.

Last but not least : with one subscription pass you can go to both Rome’s centers.