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Celebrating Saint Francis, on the footsteps of Italy’s Patron in Rome

Celebrating Saint Francis, on the footsteps of Italy’s Patron in Rome

san-francesco_dassisi_MadonnaMiracolosa-298x240The Catholic church yesterday celebrated St. Francis in the most solemn way with the visit of Pope Francis in Assisi (Umbria) where the saint’s grave is located.

October 4 has always marked a highly spiritual feast for Italian Catholics due to the life-giving figure of Francis and because he is Italy’s patron.


While here in Rome, you can visit a place that has a special relationship with the saint. The church of San Francesco a Ripa, in Trastevere, near the bank of the river, is the only place where Francesco stayed during his Roman trips to meet the Pope.


Through October 10 the Roman sanctuary of the saint will display an exhibition about the life, acts and thoughts of Francis, and unvaluable relics belonging to him: a piece of his rope soaked with the saint’s blood, the black stone where he laid his head to rest, a patch of the cilice. It will also open to the public his little room.

Furthermore, there will be on show other major relics such as a splinter of the cross of Jesus and a thorn from Jesus’s crown. Free of charge.


Don’t miss this occasion to know more about the revolutionary Church man who is inspiring the current Pope’s actions!

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