Speech, the 37th edition of the Rome Jazz Festival, Kicks Off on October 18

Speech, the 37th edition of the Rome Jazz Festival, Kicks Off on October 18

Roma-Jazz-FestivalThe most important jazz event in Rome is about to start! This year, for the 37th edition, the theme is ‘Speech,’ i.e. the relationship between jazz and words, texts and books, how this music genre affected great novelists and poets.


The first event will be on October 18, while the last one is on November 2. Here are some the best concerts in our opinion.


If you’re after Italian jazz talents, there are three appointments you shouldn’t miss:

On the 18th, Paolo Fresu and his trumpet will play 101 jazz lessons.

Another trumpet star is Fabrizio Bosso who on the 31st will play vibes inspired to Shadows, Chet Baker’s lost memories. The third Italian top musician is the piano player Danilo Rea who will be on stage on the 25th.


Another interesting close encounter with Italian jazz and culture is the Sardinia night on the 29th.



These are top International stars scheduled for the Festival.

US sax player Joshua Redman will perform with his quartet on the 20th. Another major sax performance by René Mc Lean accompanied by the words of Amiri Baraka, the author of one the best books on jazz Blues People, will be on the 28th.

The anticipated ethno-jazz concert Sketches of Ethiopia by the Ethiopian Mulatu Astatke will be on the 24th.

Double bass player Avishai Cohen will please the crowds on the 27th with his Strings Project, while another key double bass performance will take place on the final night, November 2, by the Mingus dynasty.


Two more appointments not to be missed. The Argentine Javier Girotto for a night devoted to jazz and football on the 21st and the piano player Vijay Iyer with his trio, one of the most innovative in the international scene, on the 22nd.