Performing in English: Our Experience in a Roman Acting School

Performing in English: Our Experience in a Roman Acting School

1377325_405568682905751_983314199_nActing is universal; it brings different cultures together for a common purpose and fulfills the need for fun, imagination, and a necessary escape from a busy work day or the turmoils life can inevitably throw in your direction. Regardless of whether you’re Italian, Spanish, American or British, the volumes that acting itself can speak are far beyond those one could possibly imagine. For those feeling like they want to experience a different culture within another realm of the world, taking an acting class is a perfect way to do it.

If you’re looking to take a break from seeing the sights for a bit and feel like delving into your inner movie star, learning to act can provide the perfect escape. Italy is home to many acting schools, but sometimes, acting in a different language can prove to be a challenge. So why not take an acting class in English in Italy? Not only you will learn to perform but you can also practice and refine your English or simply have a good time with fellow friends who desire a similar enrichment.

Acting student, Alessia, a native Italian, recently visited America as part of her college program. When asked why she was participating in this acting class, she said, “I loved America when I was there and I liked the language. Coming here will help me learn more and be a part of something I love.”

Learning to perform in English in Italy is different from what was my experience back in America. Sitting in on the class Acting Without Limits: Breaking the Comfort Zone I became very aware of the differences between those who speak native English and those who come from a different linguistic background. From the way one holds his gaze down to the tiniest detail of speaking with his hands, one thing is for certain, acting in English in another country, while difficult, will prove to be extremely enriching. Not only does it expose you to different cultures, but it allows you to become more open to change. Actors have their strengths and weaknesses, but participating in a class in which many cultures are intertwined can provide a sense of security, one that can force you out of your comfort zone, encourage you to meet new people, learn from them, and grow together.

Talking with some of the participants of the class, I learned that there are many reasons as to why an Italian, a Frenchman or a Spaniard would like to act in English. One woman by the name of Elena commented, “It is the perfect way to escape the work rush. It’s relaxing and fun and takes my mind off of stress for a while.”

Acting in English is one program in Rome that encourages people of all cultures to join together and embrace their call to acting. Whether you have experience or not, it is a perfect way to learn about acting, other cultures, and most importantly, yourself.

Instructor Terianne Falcone, after acting her way through the city of New York, decided to go back to Rome to embrace her Italian roots. She brings with her insight that is beneficial to any potential actor, and through hard work and dedication, progress is guaranteed to be seen.

So if you’re in the mood for a change of scenery and think acting may be the route to pursue, there are many perks to acting in English in Italy. It gives you a taste of American culture from a different part of the world and will provide an experience you will be sure to never forget.

Jennifer Arreguin