November 2013 in Rome: Picking the Highlights of the Month….

November 2013 in Rome: Picking the Highlights of the Month….

Elvireconcollettobianco1Christmas seems so far away considered the incredibly warm climate of these days but November in many cities of the world has a clear Christmas feeling. We will focus our attention on Christmas events and activities in a few weeks because nothing has started yet.

There’s just one exception that we know of, so far. Rome’s traditional appointment with cribs and nativities from all over Italy and the world, made with any possible material and in any conceivable fashion will be on show from the end of the month. “Cento Presepi” kicks off on November 28 and if you are in Rome you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Going back to the very start of November there is something way hotter going on. Rome’s first Burlesque Festival with some of the best world stars of this art will be on stage from November 1. Caput Mundi Award will run through the 3rd.

The key event of the month was usually the International Film Festival, but honestly after last year’s changes to this cinema happening we are no longer so sure that it can still claim the title of best November event in Rome. Thinner resources mean fewer big names and more experimental productions. As a result of that, both quantity and quality of the movies worsened in 2012. The 2013 edition will take place on November 8-17.

Let’s shift from the big screen to the stage as Rome’s entertainment scene features many big events in November.

Starting with music, Bob Dylan will please Rome’s older crowds holding two concerts on November 6 and 7. Straight from Australia, Nick Cave will perform on November 27.

The worldwide famous Cirque du Soleil crew will land in Rome with its new show Dralion on November 8-17.

Your kids will want to see Disney on ice on November 21-24.

Another not to be missed show is Alchemy by the Momix crew at Teatro Olimpico from November 5. While an anticipation of the typical Christmas ballet, Swan Lake, will be on stage on November 6-10.

November will also see two English language theatre plays in Rome. On November 3 we actually have a world premiere by the English theatre of Rome at John Cabot University. It’s Under the overcoat, inspired by the Pulitzer-prize winner Jumpa Lahiri’s novel The Namesake.

From the 12th to the 17th Table Manners, a comedy in two acts written in 1973, will be on stage at San Genesio theatre. A the Rome Savoyards production.

Three art events are on calendar in November. Italy’s top 20th century painter Modigliani and the damned artists’ works will be on display from the 14th.

The Medieval painting exhibition by Antoniazzo da Romano was postponed to November 1 from the originally scheduled October 31 date. Antoniazzo was one of the very few Rome born artists who played a major role in decorating the city of Rome. Where were the others from, you may wonder? From the rest of Italy, really!

The third key art happening is the inauguration of the Japanese Ukiyo-e prints exhibition at the Japanese Culture Institute from November 4. Free of charge!

A very interesting event for those who are after convenient accommodation solutions is the barter week that we described several times since this blog was created. This year it will be on November 18-24.

Last but not least, pet lovers will enjoy Italy’s top cat showSuper Cat” on November 9-10. At Rome’s Fair.

PS Please note that this wrap-up only lists events and activities that start in November. Much more will go on in Rome in November but you’ll have to read our previous stories for what started in the past few months and is still running in November.