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120 B&Bs in Rome Barter Accommodation For Goods & Services on November 18-24

120 B&Bs in Rome Barter Accommodation For Goods & Services on November 18-24

barter week fotoThe day after the end of the International Film Festival, Rome (and the rest of Italy) will feature the Barter Week. Seven days of accommodations in exchange of goods and services!


From November 18 to the 24th 84 B&Bs in Rome will host you for homemade jams or DVD collections, the provision of gardening or plumbing services, or even music and foreign language lessons.

Another 30 in the area around the Capital, in the beautiful the towns of Tivoli, Castel Gandolfo, Palestrina and many more, also joined the event.



Bartering solutions and possibilities are infinite. You just have to make your offer while making sure that it is serious, respectful and original.

The interest for B&Bs and cheap lodgings is growing as travelers prefer informal and friendly accommodations.

Bartering is starting a second life after the global economic crisis. Bartering websites are more and more popular as consumers are looking to new methods of shopping to counter the effects of the credit crunch.



This is the 5th edition by the Italian association Bed and Breakfast, a traditional appointment that falls the third week of November.  

And don’t forget that several dozens of B&Bs in Rome accept barter on a permanent basis, i.e. all year long (read story here).


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