What’s Up in Rome in December (other than Christmas-related events). Our picks!

What’s Up in Rome in December (other than Christmas-related events). Our picks!

musei in musica 2013There are many good reasons to visit Rome in December even if you don’t particularly like Christmas. We have to be honest: it’s cold, the days are short, the traffic is heavier than usual and shopping is not very convenient nor pleasant this time of the year.

But if you have your winter holidays in December and you decided to visit Italy’s capital, we want anyway to provide you some tips on how to enjoy Rome, regardless of Christmas events and activities.




Musei in Musica, Museums in Music opens up dozens of Rome’s museums and cultural institutions at night with live concerts. On December 7 from 8pm to 2am. Free of charge!

Another cool event is the Fine Art Week that sees 10 downtown Antiques Galleries hosting an Ancient Art exhibition each. From December 7 to the 15th.

On December 11, the Swedish community celebrates St. Lucy with a candle lit procession, a double concert, hot drinks, cookies and a season cake.




The Baroque Festival kicks off on the very first day of the month and offers you a good range of concerts and music through December 15.

On December 8 Rome’s Music Auditorium hosts Afrique, an event of African folk dances, music and youth choirs.

Spain’s Royal Academy hosts the Latin-American Choir of Rome for a free concert of Latin-American folk music, accompanied by piano, on December 12.




Let’s start with a play in English for kids at the very central Sala Umberto: Cinderella, on December 8.

The English Theatre of Rome brings here the seasoned Irish comedian Kevin Gildea with the Fringe stand-up show “That Affable Irishman” on December 6 and 7.

The Gorgeous Gaities for the 21st century, Acting in English final show will be on stage on December 14.

The International crew Arts In English presents Oz on December 6-8.

And then the contemporary Italian circus crew El grito with their Festival Eccì from December 6.




Rome celebrates the 200th birth anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi with an exhibition about the musical and historical context of the composer’s career. At Vittoriano from December 7.

Imaginary Food is a peculiar exhibition about Italian vintage posters and advs of food products. It covers the 1950s-1970s decades. At Palazzo delle Esposizioni from December 3.

The Trajan Column turns 1900 this year and the Trajan Market’s museum dedicates a contemporary art exhibit to this ancient Roman monument slightly outside the Forum. Columna runs from December 7.

An American story will be on display from December 5 at Palazzo Incontro. The pictures of the US photographer Gordon Parks deal with poverty, social exclusion and racial issues, people whose voice was seldom heard.

Erasmus effect is an architecture exhibition that will show what Italian architects are building around the world. At MAXXI, Rome’s top contemporary art museum, from December 6.



P.S. In this post we only reported on what starts in Rome in December. For info on what’s up in December but already began in previous months, please read our older posts and our weekly newsletter.