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2013 Christmas Holidays Openings in Rome: Landmarks & Major Exhibits

2013 Christmas Holidays Openings in Rome: Landmarks & Major Exhibits

christmas openings 2013Rome doesn’t shut down for Christmas nor during the holidays!

During the Christmas holidays museums, archeological areas, monuments and exhibitions may have slightly different opening days and hours. But there is always something open in Rome! For instance, the 100 cribs exhibition is always open through January 6 from 9:30am to 8pm.

Here is what you can do/see on Christmas day, January 1 etc…

Check back this story before you actually go to one of these places as there will probably be further updates in the next few days.



General rule: most landmarks are closed on Mondays. Exceptions in this post.



General rule: all open, but most close in the early afternoon.

The Colosseum, Roman Forums and Palatine hill are open as usual until dusk. The same holds for Caracalla’s baths.

The Vatican Museums (which include the Sistine Chapel) are open until 2pm.

Major Exhibitions:

Impressionism until 2pm, Treasures from Naples until 2pm, Augustus until 3pm, National Geographic until 3pm, Cezanne until 3:30pm,  Modigliani until 4pm, Cleopatra until 5pm, AntoniazzoRomano until 7pm, Duchamp until 7:30pm.



General rule: all closed. Some exhibition centres are open.


The Italian Folk Art & Traditions Museum is a mind-blowing destination. Perfect for the whole family: young and old ones. You’ll learn so much about Italian culture and habits…. Our tip #1 for your Christmas Day visit. Open from 2pm to 8pm.

For those who don’t celebrate Christmas at all, the Modigliani exhibition is a good choice as it’s the only one open in the morning: from 10am (closes at 8pm).

Other exhibitions: Treasures from Naples 3-8pm, Cezanne 3:30-8:30pm,  National Geographic 4-8pm, Augustus 4-8pm.

The last one to close is Cleopatra at 9pm (opens at 4pm)



General rule: all open, standard hours.

Exception: The Vatican Museums are closed.



General rule: most landmarks are closed on Mondays. Exceptions in this post.

Exception: The exhibition National Geographic will be open from 10am to 8pm.



General Rule: Same as December 24.

Exception: The exhibition Cleopatra is open until 6pm.



General Rule: Same as December 25.


The National Gallery of Modern Art to be open from 1:30pm to 7:30pm.

The exhibition Modigliani opens at 12pm (closes at 8pm), Cleopatra opens at 12pm (closes at 9pm), Duchamp from 1:30pm to 7:30pm.



General rule: most landmarks are closed on Mondays. But this is a holiday, therefore there are many exceptions.

Major Exhibitions:

Cezanne 9:30am-8:30pm, Modigliani 10am-8pm, Treasures from Naples 10am-8pm, Cleopatra 10am-9pm, National Geographic 10am-8pm.

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