Valentine’s Day in Rome: Our Tips For the Most Romantic Week-End of 2014!

Valentine’s Day in Rome: Our Tips For the Most Romantic Week-End of 2014!

roma_cuoreParis, Venice or Rome? Which is most romantic? Well, we let you choose, but if many of you pick Rome, we would like to help you finding the right things to do to impress your better half.


For a historical review of why Rome has a lot to do with Valentine’s Day and who was this Valentine, please read our 2012 story about this romantic holiday.




For a typical celebration, a romantic dinner is always a good choice. And here is a selection of restaurants which prepared special menus for February 14. Most are in downtown Rome. One also hosts a live show, while another one features a fireplace.


A dinner overlooking a swimming pool with the option of an accommodation on site is offered by the Sporting Club Parco de Medici, a few kilometers out of Rome.


Also out of Rome, near the beach, in Ostia, is this dinner with accommodation and spa included.


For a quiet ambiance, a country house could also do for you! Casale Realmonte presents a dinner with the option of some shots by a professional photographer.




If you don’t like to stay still, here are some dynamic tips.


The love bus proposes a tour of the Eternal City’s landmarks with dinner and music included.


If you want something more exclusive and private, there is also a limousine option with prosecco.


If a limousine tour is not enough and also want to have a proper dinner in a downtown accommodation, this package may sound interesting to you.


If you want to stun your partner, this seems to be very exclusive: a luxury, vintage car (Rolls Royce or Pontiac) will take you around Rome with an English-speaking driver. Panoramic aperitif at the end of the tour.




During the day you might want to take advantage of the fact that couples can enter city-owned museums paying just one ticket. We recommend you to visit Centrale Montemartini in Southern Rome, the Torlonia Parks Museums and Buildings in the Northern half, and the Capitoline Museums in the city center. The only state museum which will adopt this love-friendly policy is MAXXI, Rome’s top contemporary art museum.

But the most romantic visit you can have is to the “Baci Perugina, an Italian Love” free exhibition at Vittoriano. Baci Perugina are Italy’s most romantic bonbons in case you don’t know (baci = kisses).

A very intellectual reading will take place at the Keats-Shelley House. While sipping prosecco you can listen to some of the most heartfelt love-letters in the English language, penned by Keats to his beloved Fanny Brawn (Italian translation provided).

If a hot show makes your ideal Valentine’s day, then head for Micca Club and its Burlesque Love night.




Finally a couple of suggestions for those who are always on the go!

The city of Terni (whose patron saint is Valentine), not far from Rome, hosts the Run for Love marathon on Sunday, February 16.

The last Valentine’s Day tip of this story is a very serious one to help stop violence against women. It’s a hoop jam that takes place in the early afternoon in Piazza del Popolo.