No Public 2014 Carnival in Rome. Our Favorite Nearby Alternative Celebrations

No Public 2014 Carnival in Rome. Our Favorite Nearby Alternative Celebrations

Ronciglione - Lazio's best CarnivalThe Rome city hall decided not to refund the carnival activities this year. Cuts in local government spending are weighing on the 2014 shows and celebrations and therefore this Carnival will only feature private parties and events.

The crews who used liven up downtown Rome during the previous Carnivals went to Fano, in the Marche region, where Italy’s oldest Carnival takes place.

However, we think there are a lot of good carnivals around Rome that you should consider.

Our favorite is in Ronciglione, a city between the Rome and Viterbo provinces, near the Vico lake. The first floats parade will be on Sunday, the 23rd, while March 4, Mardi Gras, will mark the end of the celebrations here. This Carnival, which is 130 years old, features two typical horse rides, one of them rider less. Our pictures here.


South of Rome, Frosinone is the city hosting the most remarkable Carnival celebrations (February 27-March 4). The symbol of this festive season is the Radeca, an agave leaf. The Radeca parade – on March 4 – is the most important folk event for this city which is not particularly inviting for its monuments but can be easily reached from Rome with a cheap, 1-hour train ride.


East of Rome, the town of Tivoli, well known for its two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este.  Tivoli’s relatively new Carnival kicks off on the 23rd and runs through Mardi Gras. The town is well connected by public transport with buses departing from Rome outside the Ponte Mammolo tube station – line B.


Civita Castellana, north of Rome, also comes out for a big party at Carnival. Their celebrations begin on the 23rd and finish on March 4. Ten groups will vie for the title of best mask of the year. Civita Castellana is easy to reach by public transport, via the local Rome-Viterbo train, departing from piazzale Flaminio, next to the Flaminio underground stop.


The most transgressive carnival in the Rome areas is the Carnevalone Liberato of Poggio Mirteto which takes place after Carnival celebrations are over, on March 9, the first Sunday in Lent.


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