April 2014 in Rome: There’s More Than Easter, Pope Canonizations and City Birthday!

April 2014 in Rome: There’s More Than Easter, Pope Canonizations and City Birthday!

19570What a crazy time April will be! You can bet on it. Especially the second half of the month will see millions of people flocking to the Eternal City.

Easter falls on April 20, the following day Rome celebrates its birthday and on the 27th Popes John Paul II and John XXIII will become saint.

If these are the highlights of the month, there is a lot going on in Rome that has nothing to do with the above mentioned events.



Rome’s art and exhibtion scene is very alive as usual. The Eternal City features three major brand new shows by foreign artists.

The exhibition Hogarth, Reynolds, Turner starts on the 15th in one of the city’s best locations. This is the first event dedicated to the overall development of 18th century English painting in Rome.

Part of Rome’s recent Impressionist wave is the Danish Impressionists in Abruzzo show at the Andersen sculpture museum. Free of charge like the rest of the permanent collection.

The third big thing will be the Andy Warhol exhibition from the 18th. On display works of the Brant Foundation collection: 150 pop art drawings, sculptures, paintings and pictures.



The start of the month will feature a major ballet show. The Black Swan on April 2 and 3 will see world stars Ashley Bouder and Joaquin de Luz, principals of the New York City ballet, on stage at the Conciliazione Auditorium.

The historical Sistina theatre hosts from the 18th the most successful Italian version (in English) of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, which celebrates 20 years of shows all over the country and will feature the Italian rock band Negrita.



The first full Spring month has an interesting range of outdoor happenings.

Piazza di Spagna will be decorated by 600 bowls of lily and white rhododendrons from the 18th. Perfect for a spectacular photograph!

Horse lovers shouldn’t miss the Cavalli a Roma (Horses in Rome) Fair on April 25-27.



Rome’s oldest and largest University La Sapienza gathers dozens of English language scholars for the “English, Globally. State of the Art and Changing Scenarios” conference on April 3 & 4. (Free and Open) Registration required.



A few days before Easter, on April 11, the Artistic Egg exhibition will sell egg-shaped artworks by major sculptors, designers and painters to help the Give Life With Heart foundation.



Besides the typical Easter food and sweets, you may want to try something different.

The best happening is Testaccio’s International Soup Festival on the 13th. Seventh edition.



France’s New Cinema will be screened in Rome from 2 April to the 6th. Italy’s premiere for all of the movies by these young French directors.



The Rome Opera Theatre presents through April 8 Maometto II, Rossini’s forgotten work.

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