Rome’s 2767th Birthday Celebrations on April 21 Dedicated To Augustus

Rome’s 2767th Birthday Celebrations on April 21 Dedicated To Augustus

augustoecompleannoromaNational holiday between 1924 and 1945, Rome’s Birthday has once again become only a city holiday after the end of Fascism.

This year’s anniversary, the 2767th, features Augustus as its key player since 2014 marks the bi-millenary death anniversary of Rome’s first Emperor who gave his polity domestic peace after decades of civil war.

This year’s holiday also falls on a national religious holiday, Easter Monday, and comes right after Easter. Therefore, celebrations will be concentrated on April 21. Nothing will take place the days before Rome’s actual birthday as it was the case in previous years.

Another major feature of the 2767th anniversary is the traffic ban in the Roman forum area along Via dei Fori imperiali. The whole road will be closed to cars from the April 18 to May 4.

The fortnight April 17 – May 1 has plenty of holidays and big events such as Easter and the Popes Canonization. That’s why it makes sense to enforce such a long traffic ban that will let many Romans and visitors enjoy Rome’s archaeological heart without the noise of engines and wheels.

After the exhibition which run through last February at Scuderie del Quirinale the celebrations of Augustus also feature a multimedia 3D show in the Forum of Augustus that will actually start on April 21. A 40-minute show about the Emperor and Rome under his rule which comes at quite an hefty price (15€) but can also be enjoyed in English and other languages. There will be screenings every night (except on May 1) at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00 through September 18.

Going back to the most traditional ceremonies of Rome’s birthday, 1600 people, belonging to 42 associations and coming from 9 countries will perform in downtown Rome with ancient Roman clothes and weapons.

The fire lighting ceremony kicks off at 10:45am in the Circus Maximus while the historical parade will depart from there at 11:30am, going through Via dei Fori Imperiali between 12pm and 1pm. From 3pm to 7pm there will be other ceremonies and appearances in the Circus Maximus followed by the final mock battle.

From May onwards landmarks associated to Augustus such as his Forum and the Mausoleum will be open to guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays. By the way, a Saudi credit line should be soon given according to Rome’s mayor Ignazio Marino for the restoration of the Mausoleum, located next to the Ara Pacis.   

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