Open House Roma Gets Bigger and Better: 3rd edition on May 10-11.

Open House Roma Gets Bigger and Better: 3rd edition on May 10-11.


ohr14-hpbannHere we are again for this unique event in Italy: Open House Roma. We’ve been informing you about since its start in 2012 and last year we also posted a detailed story on our experience in the first and second edition. It’s the third consecutive year but we are as excited as ever for the new sites we will discover on May 10 and 11, a Spring highlight here in Rome!


In our mid-March newsletter we told you the dates of Open House Roma 2014 and in our latest issue we also told you when they started accepting reservations for their booking-only sites.


We would like to help the Open House team more but unfortunately they preferred to choose other media outlets. They have a lot to improve in terms of communication but who cares when the event as such is so awesome? Honestly, it must be so hard to manage the whole free/voluntary process that communication is just a little detail.


We are also very proud that Rome is the only Italian city to have an Open House branch. Not even Milan, the rich, well-organized city with a lot of design initiatives and a love for contemporary architecture which is even bigger than Rome’s has one! And we must confess that we’ve been planning to visit some European/Mediterranean cities for their Open House events. We’re loving it in Rome, what more in a new city?


Anyway, let’s see what’s up for the 2014 edition. First of all, we must already consider ourselves lucky for the fact that such a great project is going on: three years in a row for something that is not government or privately funded is a big achievement in Rome and in Italy in general. Last year They started a donation/crowd-funding campaign and we were very happy to be able to personally fund them (and they also gave us a nice shopping bag and a lunch for two in a fancy restaurant: Porto Fluviale).


We won’t be reviewing all the new sites added to this edition, but we can for sure tell you that big news is their brand new, free mobile App for both iOS and Android “Open House Roma.”


Our personal tip: visit the places you could never see on other occasions. Such as private houses and private/public offices. Museums, churches, bridges are interesting but you can always go there. I know a guided tour makes the difference, but seeing places you can’t even imagine makes it even more.


So, this year we booked tours in a couple of libraries that are hard to visit on your own: Hertziana and Lateranense University. Two international institutions such as the Brazilian Embassy in piazza Navona and the Danish Academy in the Foreign Culture Institute area of Valle Giulia. Two private flats and a couple of public facilities (a bridge and a theatre) that have just been renovated. Last but not least Rome’s top glass workshop and an old papal residence.


Furthermore we will try to see these places that don’t require any booking: The Italian Aviation ministry building, a couple of commercial art galleries we had never heard of, a studio flat and an artist studio.


Ready for Rome’s architecture and design marathon?