Hadrian’s Villa Greets You With a Greek Art Exhibit and a Festival This Summer

Hadrian’s Villa Greets You With a Greek Art Exhibit and a Festival This Summer

cache-cache_194d8721736f745d388d69d112de08bc_a2519bdd6005d06f967c7d61f330eb0cThe town of Tivoli, near Rome, has the great privilege of hosting two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Renaissance Villa d’Este and the ancient Roman Hadrian’s Villa.

There is also a third Villa, Villa Gregoriana, a very wild place with some archaeology relics, but that has no UNESCO label.

In any case, Tivoli is by far the best place for an art and culture day trip from Rome and we would like to provide you two more reasons to go there this summer.


Hadrian’s Villa is currently featuring the exhibition “Hadrian and Greece. Hadrian’s Villa from Classicism to Hellenism,” and from June 18 it will host an International music, dance and theatre Festival.

The Greek Art exhibition symbolically takes place in the year that will see Greece (January 1 – June 30) and Italy (July 1 – December 31) at the head of the European Union. The 50 works on display show to what extent the (Spanish-born) Roman emperor was affected by Hellenic culture and how it introduced it in his favorite summer residence. Nearly half of the items that you can admire in the Villa’s Canopy come from Greece, with most of them never seen outside that country.


If you want to see the Villa at night and enjoy a show there, from June 18 to July 15 you can take advantage of the International Festival in the Grand Thermae. We particularly recommend the performance by Martha Graham Dance Company with a European premiere on June 25, the Sicilian folk music concert on the 27th – world premiere – and, for the first time on stage in Italy, on July 10 and 11 the Nederlands Dans Theatre 2 crew.