Soccer World Cup 2014: Where To Watch the Games (and much more) in Rome!

Soccer World Cup 2014: Where To Watch the Games (and much more) in Rome!

WebThere we are for the World Cup 2014. It’s our first story on the biggest soccer event on earth since four years ago we were not online yet. And, honestly in 2010 Italy really sucked as it went out after the preliminary rounds.

We’re quite confident this time Italy will do better than four years ago in South Africa, but in any case we are in the position to give you some useful tips on how to see your national team while here in Rome.



If you want to do it in the middle crazy Roman soccer fans, here are four public options.


The most original gathering seems to be Eutropia, in Testaccio.

Not only they screen every night the 9pm game through June 26, but they also organize a culinary event linked to teams on the pitch. When for instance Iran will play vs Nigeria on June 16, you can taste food from these two countries. Very interesting!


The other downtown location is piazza Madonna di Loreto, near the Roman Forum. Everynight through July 13, when the final will be played. They will only screen one game per day. The 9pm one, unless Italy is playing.


Two more options are the outdoor summer sport center MondoFitness in Northern Rome and the Postepay Rock in Roma Music Festival at the other end of the city in Capannelle, Southern Rome.




A more quiet, albeit public, possibility is a sport bar/pub. Those listed in our Super Bowl story will all screen the Soccer World Cup games. All of them, except the 3am games….


If you want to be on your own in your room, the only free TV option is RAI, Italy’s public service broadcaster. They will screen only one game per day at 9pm, unless Italy plays. In that case they will only show the Azzurri’s game, regardless of the schedule.




If you are curious about Italy’s national team – and you should since we’re the world’s most successful team after Brasil (4 World Cups vs 5), the exhibition at Rome’s Auditorium about the Azzurri is a good chance to know more about the Nazionale.


If you want to see a selection of jerseys by Azzurri’s top players, you should head for the Flora Hotel. Free of charge.


The city of Rome is known for its partisanship and you can look into this by going to the “(AS) Roma Ti Amo” exhibition in Testaccio. AS Roma is one of the two soccer clubs based in Rome, the other one being Lazio. A visit to this exhibition can be easily followed by a Eutropia night since they’re one next to the other.


Since you’re in Italy and we are the country of art and beauty, you might want to combine soccer and art in the free exhibit “Calcio d’autore” at Rome’s Music Auditorium: artworks inspired by football.